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Freestyle Hammerhead Dive Watch Reviews

Freestyle Hammerhead Dive Watch Reviews    Hammerhead Dive Watch

Reviewer: Kristian B. on 4/9/2007

Very impressed - $400 features in a $100 watch - I was skeptical at buying a $100 watch that says it was rated to 660 feet for diving but after I got the watch, I dont take it off - wear it at work, camping, riding motorcycles etc.. The dials are easy to read and the glow in dark features are impressive. The backlight button feature is terrific at night. The band is very comfortable and has a length adjustment that works nicely on my bare wrist or over my 7mm wetsuit.

Waterborne Safety Straps Reviews

Waterborne Safety Straps Reviews    Safety Straps

Reviewer: paul m. on 3/17/2014

waterborne watch band - I am a large guy and now I can finally wear my watch. adding another inch to the length would be perfect. I believe the normal size diver cant fit their watch over their wetsuit so this band can help. but their isnt enough strap left for me to do that. I thought the shipping charge was a bit high since this fit in an envelope and is quite small/light, but the shipping was quick and prompt. I waited for my watch to arrive from a different co a few days, even though I ordered both items on the same day. thanks

St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch Reviews

St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch Reviews    M1 Deep 6 Watch

Reviewer: steven a. on 2/26/2010

Fanfreakentastic watch!!!! - M1 Deep 6 dive watch by St Moritz is a nice work horse for the money! I just recieved the watch and took it to Cozumel. It went as deep as 80 feet without any leaking issues and averaged 50-60 feet for 10 dives. The large face made reading bottom time very easy. I never had to shine a light to get any illumination on the sweep hands or numbers. But they do glow very brightly if needed. The screw down crown works very easily, and as usual you must take care so as not to cross thread. I never felt this to be an issue. It keeps accurate time. The rubber wrist strap was large enough to fit around my large wrist and a 3mm suit and looks like it has enough to go around a 7 mm suit. This...View Full Review

Freestyle Shark Classic Watch Reviews

Freestyle Shark Classic Watch Reviews    Shark Classic Watch

Reviewer: Fred Kessler II on 1/13/2014

Shark watch - I love it!! I got it as a Christmas gift & it doesnt leave my wrist!! It is really easy to operate & has a lot of features for such a small watch! Plus, it is durable & obviously waterproof to just under 300 feet. Im excited to test it out scuba diving next month!

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