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Zeagle Ranger BC Reviews

Zeagle Ranger BC Reviews Ranger BC

Reviewer: Aaron Cornett

No longer renting - I recently pruchased a Zeagle Ranger BC from SCUBA.COM. I was very pleased with the service, including an attempt at price matching with a different online company (who did not have my size in stock). The Zeagle Ranger is a great piece of kit. Very comfortable. Very adjustable. Very well made. As a point of comparison, it is a little bulky when packing it into a bag. I love the integrated weights, although it does make for a heavy piece of gear when everything is loaded.

Hollis Backplate Reviews

Hollis Backplate Reviews Backplate

Reviewer: Bobby Wisdom

Hollis Backplate Review - $109.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - The Hollis aluminum backplate is well made, perfectly finished, fits exactly with my STA on a Halcyon wing. Lighter than some other aluminum backplates, it still has held up with no dents or dings after a week of live-aboard diving in the Pacific, all done from skiffs. Lots of tank handling was done by others, Im really impressed by the way the plate resisted damage.

Zeagle 911 BC Reviews

Zeagle 911 BC Reviews 911 BC

Reviewer: keith martin

Zeagle 911 BC Review - $869.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Great bc. Fits well, really like the rear weight system. This is my second zeagle tech. Will definitely by another when this one goes in another 13 years

Zeagle Ranger LTD BC Reviews

Zeagle Ranger LTD BC Reviews Ranger LTD BC

Reviewer: Don Rhodes

Great heavy duty BCD - This is a very well made BCD with features that made it easy to use including weight bags that are easy to put into the zippered pockets, extra weight pockets in the rear of the BCD next to the tank and several rings to attach stuff. It is a long tested design, fits well and, most important, works well in the water. As with most SCUBA gear, you need to decide where and how you plan to use it. I spend most of the year diving with a heavy duty dry suit. The BCD, with its lift, is great for that. Because of its design and fit it should also be fine for the trips to the tropics. Like all divers I ask others about their gear. There are a lot of Zeagle Rangers on dive boats. All the...View Full Review

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