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Scuba Lanyard and Split Ring with Male Quick Release

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  • Split ring attaches to your BC for quick and easily access to your diving accessories
  • Strong and secure nylon webbing
  • Can be used for any accessory with a Female Quick Release Clip (see below to order)
  • Quick release male clip
  • COLOR: Blue


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Customer Reviews for Scuba Lanyard and Split Ring with Male Quick Release:

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Rating: A little modification
Reviewer: Richard M.,  - View all my reviews
Good quality, nice size split ring, strong strap between split ring and quick release, really like the lanyard, male quick release had to be modified, would not work on my BC, (Sherwood - AVID)thought all these were a standard size, the center guide was larger had to cut down some to allow buckle to go into female end attached to my BC and had to trim a little off catches on both sides to lock in place.

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Rating: male Quick release
Reviewer: Jarda Novotny,   
Just need it to compleate the set. Still thing is great product to have together.

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