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Innovative Pin Mount Clips LR-0108 030474

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Innovative Pin Mount Clips

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  • These versatile connectors attach by pushing the stainless steel connector pin through fabric (BCD, webbing, etc) and screw into the receiving pin mount hole
  • Avaliable in Split D-Ring, Female or Male 

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Customer Reviews for Innovative Pin Mount Clips:

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Rating: Great Multipurpose Ring
Reviewer: Gerald R.,
You can attach this ring anywhere on your gear to make attaching hoses, lights, etc., easier and more convenient for you. I used two of them to attach a mask holder to the side of my BC and put my surface marker bouy in there to keep it from bouncing around.

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Rating: Attach gear where you want
Reviewer: Charles W.,  - View all my reviews
No matter how well thought out the BCD designers provide fittings for equipment, I find that I want to hook up something in a place I want. This is the solution. I have to set up two BCDs and these are perfect for my needs.

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Rating: Cool Idea
Reviewer: JOHN TATMAN,  - View all my reviews
I really like this. I wanted to ad a couple to both mine and my wifes CD but they only had one in stock and the other three they canceled because of back order

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302 out of 649 people found this review helpful.

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