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Mfg Part #: SD75001

Sea-Doo Seascooter Pro Scooter (DPV)

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  • Scooter is great for the ocean, lakes, rivers, and swimming pools
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • 12 volt rechargeable battery and charger included
  • Protective Safety Grille
  • Speed: Up to 2 mph
  • Run time: Over 1 hour
  • Weight: Just 13 lbs.
  • Maximum depth: 65 ft.


Customer Reviews for Sea-Doo Seascooter Pro Scooter (DPV):

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Rating: Sea scooter pro
Reviewer: Willard Weddell
I have not used this in the ocean yet. I have used it in my pool. I weigh 200 lbs. was shocked at the amount of torque and speed it develops. Easy to remove battery for recharge. Was delivered well before Xmas and working with has been a good experience. I would recommend this product and this company.

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73 out of 121 people found this review helpful.

Rating: SeaDoo Pro for Parapalegics
Reviewer: James Berg
The Seadoo Pro surprised me with the surge of power it has and its ability to pull me around the ocean. (225 lbs) I was always a free diver here in Hawaii and after losing the use of my legs I could not get around in the ocean. All divers know that once we are in the ocean all above water cares and wories disapear and your mind is focused only on what is happening in the water. All job or women problems are gone. I found the freedom again with the Seadoo. THANK YOU! James Berg Kauai

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49 out of 81 people found this review helpful.

Rating: excellent product and service
Reviewer: Michael Brown
I was very pleased with the product and service I received for Scuba. I would recommend product and this website Linda

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18 out of 33 people found this review helpful.

Questions and Answers for Sea-Doo Seascooter Pro Scooter (DPV):

  • sharon:

    what is the wt limit of person operating it,does it propel in water coming back into shore well?

    Clarke  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Sharon, Thank you for your inquiry! There is no actual weight limit per say for the Sea-Doo Seascooter Pro Underwater Scooter(DPV), because of the neutral buoyancy factor. It is primarily made to tow 1 person if you wish to run at it’s speed of approximately 2 mph. The unit will take you out to sea and bring you back into shore… Just be carful of any higher than normal surge under the water or surf on the surface. For warm water touring, no worries there. Just watch your running time (of 1 hour), because you won’t want to head back to shore with all the fun you're having. If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please call us at 1-800-247-2822 or 949-221-9300.

  • Melinda:

    I bought this for my 7 year old grandson for Christmas 2013 and we just used it last weekend in the pool and it worked great for 2 it will only run for a few seconds and stop. We have 3 batteries and they are fully charged and that doesnt seem to be the issue. What could possibly be wrong with it?? Needless to say We have a very disappointed child.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Melinda, sorry to hear that. Here is the link to the manufacture warranty:

  • Joseph:

    Just got my pro scooter from you. I am diabled 290lbs, excited. I think it will be good for me when I go on a snorkel trip in the VI thid dummer. 1. Can I attach the scooter to me somehow,for when I am in the water but temporarily want to snorkel without using it? 2. Are there bounancy weights or something to use if I try to "dive" underwater with it? Any help/tips will be appreciated.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Joseph, yes you can rig something up top attach this to you. Also in the noes cone there is a space that you can add weight to it to help it sink better. If you have any other questions or would like to place an order please feel free to give us a call at 1.800.347.2822.

  • Joseph:

    I bought a sea doo pro from you the other week. I am excited about taking to the Virgin Islands for a snorkel trip. I want to get a second battery. I see that on yout site. Can I also get a travel bag for the scooter? I saw one offered for another model. Is this available for this model? Thanks.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Seadoo does not offer a carry bag for this model. The sapre battery can be order on the site.

  • Lori:

    I just received this scooter for my son who is 7 years old. In reading the manual, it states that this device is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 16. Please advise.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The scooter can be used with younger children, but only with adult supervision. And we recommend only for pool use at that age.

  • Jim:

    How does one go about getting replacement parts? I have a nose cone with a broken "cheatass plastic" clamp, and now I need a new nose cone. As luck would have it, I cant find any information on the product.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    You can contact the manufacturer's repair dept.

  • Phil:

    can the batteries for underwater scooters be carried on commercial airlines, and/or checked in luggage on commercial airlines?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    We do know people travel with these on Airlines. The best bet is to always contact the airline you'll be travelling with for their official word or any special instructions they may have.

  • Ryan:

    We bought a couple of Sea-Doo Seascooters several years ago and have never used them. I tried to charge the batteries the other day and the chargers will not work (no voltage on the output side and no LED light on charger) I tried charging the batteries with an automotive charger and I cant get them above about 6 volts. Is there any reason the chargers no longer work after sitting in the garage for several years? Is there anything I can do to get the batteries to take a charge? Or is the only solution buy replacements? Again, they have never been used but are several years old.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Unfortunately they are out of warranty by this time. Seeing as they are unused, though, it may be well worth the time to contact SeaDoo directly and inquire if there is anything they may be able to do to help you out, or maybe even advice they have as to why they might not be working correctly.

  • W:

    What is the depth rating on the Sea-Doo Seascooter Pro Scooter (DPV)? Im assuming the waterproof seal for the batteries and motor have sort of rating.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, each version has a different depth limit. This unit has a depth rating to 65''.

  • David:

    I have an older Sea-Doo Seascooter and it appears water have got into the motor and it is seized up. Can this be repaired? If so, where in the Toronto area can I take it?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello David, that you would need to send directly back to the manufacture directly for repair service. Here is the link to there contact information and address:

  • Chris:

    What is the quickest way I can get them to Sydney and my address

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Chris, since this would be an international order you would need to add all of the items you would like to buy. Once those items are in your cart you are going to hit the checkout button using Amazon checkout. Once on the Amazon checkout page enter all of your billing and shipping information. “Be advised these costs do not reflect any additional Duty or Tax imposed by your country due to importation of the equipment.  Any extra fees over those displayed are the responsibility of the customer If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call at 001.949.221.9300.

  • LVickers:

    I see that they can run 1-2 hours? How long does it take to recharge them? I assume you can buy separate batteries? It looks like so much fun, I think I would do it for more than 2 hours!

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    the batteries typically take 8 to 12 hours to recharge. Spare batteries are available for purchase.

Item - #SD75001

Ideal for water lovers the original SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ PRO is a snorkeler’s dream, at a price that makes it hard to resist.
The SEA-DOO® SEA SCOOTER™ PRO can run at a speed of 2mph / 3.2km/h at a depth of up to 65ft / 20m and has built in buoyancy regulation for maximum comfort.

Speed up to 2mph / 3.2km/h
Weight just 13 lbs / 6kg including battery
Run up to 1 hour with normal use
Rated to 65ft / 20m
Adjustable buoyancy


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