Hollis H-160 Scooter (DPV) 250.1216 130626

Mfg Part #: 250.1216
  • Rechargeable Ni-Mh battery and charger included
  • Made of lightweight aluminum with a hard anodized coating that resists scratching and corrosion
  • Top speed: 2 to 3 mph
  • 3 power settings: 50%, 75%, 100%
  • 1 hour burn time at 100% power setting
  • 2 hour burn time at 50% power setting
  • Provides 60lbs of thrust
  • Perfect balance in water
  • Redundant seals in all compartments
  • User accessible battery pack
  • DEPTH RATING: 656 ft
  • WEIGHT: 45 lbs
  • RECHARGE TIME: 5 hours
    • HEIGHT: 28.75 inches
    • DIAMETER: 8.5 inches

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Questions and Answers for Hollis H-160 Scooter (DPV):

  • George:

    What is the best price you could give for a Hollis 160 when could you ship it, I am in Jupiter Fl what is the Warantee? Does price include battery and charger?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Best thing to do is email us at info@scuba.com or call us at 800-347-2822.

  • William:

    I am having a rough time trying to compare DPVs. In particular, Id like to know the pounds of thrust and run time comparisons between the high end SEADOOs and the Hollis or Farralon higher end units. The cost is so incredibly different that I am sure the difference must be something more than longevity since one could buy new SEA DOOs with fresh batteries every year for 5 or six years and throw away the old ones and still come out ahead compared to high end Farralon. I did use a small Farralon a few years back, but, the difference I thought was more one of balance and direction.To give the top speed doesnt help without knowing torque or foot pounds of thrust, and perhaps balance, and pull against the flow resistance of a bulky gear set up. Without a connecting cord the force could pull the unit out of ones hands or pull off ones mask etc, which is why they tell us its pressure safe to almost 600 feet(I guess). I bought two DPVs from you about a year ago, and they do help cover alot more territory SEADOO Explorers. They do have a little trouble pulling me from the surface even when neutrally bouyant. The question is , "Is it possible to get data on these units which compare apples to apples?" I have checked specs on the manufacturers websites and tried checking online with DPV clubs no one seems to know.. Thank You for any help you can give. Sincerely, Bill Nuesse MD

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Typically, the Hollis or Farallon type DPV are larger and use for tech type diving. Seadoo and Bladefish are more recreational. As for the specifications that you are looking for we can only recommend contacting the manufacturers directly. We have a list of contact information for most of the companies on our warranty page. http://www.scuba.com/resources/warranty_info.asp

  • Robert:

    Have a oceanic Mako... Have had hydrogen gas detonate in motor compartment, blowing main motor compartment seal.... ... some water had entered battery compartment, dried out. The motor compartment seems to have a separate sealed compartment from battery area... Is there hydrogen gas absorption buttons inside motor compartment? Has there been problems plague this model... Its a bit spooky to read the warning label regarding hydrogen gas,.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    We have not read or been informed of issues with the model of scooter. To be safe you should probably contact the technical staff at Hollis.

Torque, speed, and endurance…
We have raised the bar in manufacturing with the H-160. This new innovative DPV sets the standard for tow behind vehicles. With 45lbs of thrust and a depth rating of 656ft / 200m the H-160 is the DPV of choice. With removable trim weights you have the perfect trim for salt or fresh water diving. The H-160 is operable with one hand and has a trigger switch that allows divers to vary between power settings of 50%, 75% or 100%. Select the power setting and use the thumb lock to set the underwater cruise control. All of these features make the H-160 the DPV of choice for cave, wreck, technical, and recreational diving.

Features Specs Video NiMH Chemistry
6061 T6 aluminum construction, hard anodized, with a marine finish
9 point adjustable propeller pitch
3 power settings: 50%, 75% and 100% with shift on the fly capability
Redundant seals in all compartments
Redundant electronic and mechanical clutch
Graduated start for smooth and controlled speeds
Smart electronics to protect the motor and battery
Magnetic Reed switch
Integrated 3x3W High Intensity LED Bulbs with optimized reflector design (optional)

1 hour burn time at 100% power with full charge (burn time of 2 hours at 50% power use)
Depth rating: 656ft (200m)
Ni-Mh Battery Pack
H-160 - provides 45lbs of thrust
Perfect balance in the water for easy handling
User accessible battery pack (no tools required)
Selectable input (110/220V) automatic charger
5 hour recharge
Height 28.75in (73.03cm) , diameter of body 8.5in (21.59cm), and diameter at prop shroud 14.25in (36.2cm)
Weight: 48lbs (22 kg)

NiMH batteries will need several charge and discharge cycles before they will deliver their full burn time rating. During the first two or three cycles the burn times may be shortened, however after a few cycles the batteries will perform normally. It may take a few more cycles before they have been conditioned enough to reach peak performance. NiMH chemistry suffers from a high discharge rate, up to 10% day after the initial charge. High temperatures also affect this, both ambient and internal battery temperature which means keeping out of direct sunlight is critical
It is not recommended to leave the battery connected to the vehicle for longer than 48 hours if not in use. This could over-discharge and damage the battery pack. If storing for prolonged periods of time, be sure to charge the battery pack every 2-3 months to ensure a conditioned pack and to avoid damage
Please see your instruction manual for more detailed information

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