TUSA Scooter-EVO (DPV) SAV - 7  EVO SET 130579

Mfg Part #: SAV - 7 EVO SET

TUSA Scooter-EVO (DPV)

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  • Available Late - July
  • Brand new & completely redesigned
  • New and improved model has several improvements including a longer run time, up to 80 minutes (used to be 60 minutes) and goes to greater depths 230 feet (used to be 130) Not like most other sites that sell the old discontinued model
  • Free Scooter Saddle for hands-free riding included - See how it works
  • Variable speed control
  • Progressive acceleration system allows for changing of speeds while in motion
  • 3 speed adjustment propeller pitch assembly
  • Saddle wings for additional attachment points
  • Saddle wings allow for two additional divers to be pulled
  • Speed and distance with 3 riders is nearly the same as a single rider without a saddle
  • Shock resistant ABS resin body
  • L.E.D. battery life indicator
  • Rechargeable Lead battery and charger included
  • RECHARGE TIME: 6 to 8 hours
  • LENGTH: 28.5 inches
  • WEIGHT IN WATER: neutrally buoyant
  • WEIGHT ON LAND: 44 lbs
  • SPEED: 2.5 mph
  • RUN TIME: 80 minutes
  • DEPTH RATING: 230 feet

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Free your hands with the TUSA SAV-7 EVO Scooter. The SAV-7 EVO is TUSA’s latest underwater vehicle. Improving upon the highly popular SAV-7, the EVOhas several upgrades that makes it THE scooter to dive.

Progressive acceleration system:
The SAV-7's newly design rotational speed adjustment function allows for precise changes to your speed while in motion. This easily activated speed adjustment results in smooth effortless riding and allow for easy synchronization of speed between divers in a variety of geographical areas and varied current conditions.

L.E.D. Battery Indicator:
When the main power switch is turned on, the L.E.D. battery life indicator lights up providing the diver with a guide to remaining battery life.

3 Speed Propeller:
Additionally, it’s possible to easily vary the propeller’s angle or pitch by 3 positions, which allows for even more fine-tuning of the scooter’s speed to the individual diver’s needs.

Saddle Wings:
By using the wings it’s now possible to pull 2 more divers with the Evolution scooter. The diver’s different physiques when holding onto the wings have virtually no effect to the scooter’s performance. The speed and distance with 3 men diving are almost the same as using the scooter solo without a saddle.
10% more torque than standard SAV-7
Increased usage of 80 minutes (Lead battery)
Increased cruising range of 12,000-14,000’
Maximum speed of up to 2.6 mph (4.2 km/h)
Upgraded motor and internal assembly
New LED battery life indicator
Progressive acceleration system
3 speed variable pitch propeller
Saddle equipped for hands-free operation
Neutrally buoyant
Depth rated to 230ft/70m
Includes lead acid battery and charger

The SAV-7 is not heavy burden

The hands-free riding style decreases fatigue, reduces air consumption, and extends your dive time.
In the past some divers have become fatigued from the energy and effort required to hold and steer an underwater
vehicle. In addition to being a potensial source of fatigue, the traditional hans-on riding style requires the user to
place themselves above the vehicle rather than inline.

Improvement in transportation options

The SAV-7 improves your ability to transport items underwater.
Your hands are free to carry what you need.
Additionally, fold out wings on both sides of the saddle are available for towing other divers or attaching other items
of equipment.

The innovative SAV-7 challenges divers to create and find new techniques and methods of use.
Go out and enjoy diving with this great new generation diving product.


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