XS Scuba 300 Bar DIN Tank Manifold VMX300-30N-VI 042227

Mfg Part #: VMX300
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Rating: A well built piece of hardware
Reviewer: Zdenek Nagl
The manifold allows adjustment between 209 and 215 mm to exactly match bands. Even though the threads allow a wider span, the second set of o-rings would not seal any more if any wider span was chosen! Knobs are of a nice density, don’t slip, would not crack in case of a slight impact, spin about 1 ¾ turns between the on and off positions, and are very smooth to operate. The overall finish is very nice. Even though, this is only my second manifold I have ever purchased, I could not find a single reason for cutting down on the number of stars. Zdenek Nagl, Canada

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Questions and Answers for XS Scuba 300 Bar DIN Tank Manifold:

  • Ryan:

    Is this manifold ok for use with nitrox and trimix?

    Chance  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    This manifold is approved for air only out of the box. You can bring it in to a shop and get it cleaned for nitrox and trimix.

  • kj04:

    can you put a yoke in the din valves and use yoke regs?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    This one is DIN specific and will not take the screw in yoke adapter.

Handwheels - One and one half turns of the handwheels from fully on to fully off

One Piece Safety - Protected within body to guard against damage during transport

O-Ring Sealed Boonet - no copper crush washer, 11/16" hex socket head

XS Scuba Isolation Manifold - Either PRO Outlets or DIN OUtlets.

MOdular Access Plugs - Right and left hand plugs are included. Everything included to remove the crossbar and use as single valves.

High Flow - unsurpassed gas flow, allows optimum regulator performance, direct placement porting

On/Off Seat Assembly - Machined high tensile brass alloy, nylon high pressure seat material. Teflon plated for years of smooth operation.

100% Valve Testing - Eight step factory testing on every valve. Every valve pressurized to full working pressure. CGA tested and approved.

Chrome Finish - Triple bright chrome plating, provides long lasting protection from salt water.

Inlet Thread - 3/4 x 14 NPSM threads. Standard for nearly all DOT aluminum scuba cylinders. Standard for all DOT modern steel scuba cylinders.

Hex Wrench Tighted Dip Tube - Say goodbye to pliers. Say goodbye to damaging the chrome plating. Use a 5/32 hex wrench to tighten dip tube.

Brass Stem - Precision machined from high tensile brass. Chrome plated for years of corrosion free service

Safety Handwheel - Standard on all models of XS scuba valves. See at a glance the wheel is 100% open. Red/Green. Stop/Go.

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