Akona Deluxe Duffel Dive Bag. AKB206 018245

Mfg Part #: AKB206

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Rating: Very nice duffle
Reviewer: mark bickel  -  View all my reviews
Big bag, I totally fill it up with fins, clothes,etc, everything I need to drysuit dive except my drysuit. Regulator is stored in the end zipper pocket (I bought the padded reg bag that goes in the duffle). All works well. So for a dive I carry tank/BC, weight belt, drysuit, and the duffle. It holds alot of weight so the only improvement would be an even beefier shoulderstrap and pad. Its worth the money as it will last years.

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Rating: Great Bag
Reviewer: William W.
All my gear fits nicely. I especially like the end pocket designed for the Akona Deluxe Scuba Regulator Dive Bag. The top opens fully and folds out of the way for easy 2 handed loading. The padded shoulder strap is great for leaving your hands free for carrying other bags like the Akona Scuba Diving Weight Carry Bag. All the zippers have added zip pulls for ease of use. They couldve added a padded strap handle wrap to prevent the straps from digging into your fingers. I found an aftermarket one that just wraps around the two handles and velcros into place, but has to be removed when opening the bag. A sewn on one would be better.

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Rating: Thomas Gramesty
Reviewer: thomas gramesty
This new Akona Deluxe Duffel Bag is the best bag i ever had it holds all my gear with room to spear.Akona Bag also is easy to clean just wash it out hang it up to dry then pack it up for the next dive, it is also great for trips. I got the reg. bag with it keeps your reg. safe and has a pocket to keep it away from your gear. Scuba.com made it easy, price was good, no shipping and got my bag in four days from order Thanks, Thomas Gramesty be safe on all dives

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Rating: excellent
Reviewer: Jeffrey J V.
I really have to pack in my cold weather gear but the bag does hold it :) Its very well made and a very nice bag. I would buy another one in a second.

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