VR Technology Drager Rebreather Connector Kit C8a 009904

Mfg Part #: C8a
  • Fits most rebreathers that can fit a Drager ‘P' connector to the counterlung
  • Includes fitting I/O connector to VR3, counterlung mounted cell holder, integral linking cable and external cell software
  • Allows computer to adjust algorithm for O2 levels in breathing gas
  • R22 Oxygen Cell Required -(see below to order)

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Questions and Answers for VR Technology Drager Rebreather Connector Kit:

  • Warren:

    Dear Scuba.com, I would like to see a schematic of this device attached to a Drager Dolphin on the sensor end and to the matching/mating computer on the transmitting end. For use on a Drager Dolphin is this device and mating computer intended to replace the UWATEC Aladdin Z-02 computer and Oxy-2 transmitter which is wireless transmission? Regards, Warren Meixner

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    You would need to contact the manufacture: http://shop.technologyindepth.com/Articles.asp?ID=260

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