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Oceanic Downloader - USB

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  • FREE Deluxe Mouse Pad
  • Oceanic's OceanLog PC Interface USB cable
  • The download program provides a wide array of post dive analysis
  • Dive profiles are graphically rendered on your computer screen or print outs, containing the following information:
  • Date and times (start, dive, surface interval)
  • Dive number
  • Depths and decompression status
  • Maximum depth
  • Bottom time
  • Descent/ascent rates
  • Ambient temperatures
  • All warning points entered during the dive
  • Up to 50 dives can be down-loaded
  • VT PRO, PRO PLUS 3, PRO PLUS 2.1 (with Silver Metal Buttons), PRO PLUS 2 (with Plastic Buttons), VERSA PRO, VEO 150/180/200/250, VT3, VT4, Veo 2.0, Veo 3.0 and Datamask (Compatible with Windows 98-2nd edition/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA & 7 only)



Customer Reviews for Oceanic Downloader - USB:

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Rating: Oceanic Geo 3.0
Reviewer: JAMES A M.  -  View all my reviews
New to diving, this is my first computer so I wanted "easy" but also something to handle Nitrox when I pass that course (this week, I WILL do the tests THIS week!!!!!!) This seems ideal so far, especially, for me, the audible and flashing warnings when you ascend too fast.... hmmm - I seem to come up like a cork out of a champagne bottle, which is no good at all and needs worked on! NOW I can monitor, and get it right and safe. If you buy it, be aware that the connection to the PC is an ADDITIONAL 80 dollars or so! Robbery for something so small and so necessary - BAD Oceanic, BAD! ALSO the connection to the computer is a wobbly, vague pop-out-if-you-breathe link - why does it not FIT! snugly and properly! SO if you buy it dont break it trying to force a solid connection, it just kinda hangs together till youve done the download.... Software is ok, I have nothing to compare against but tells you the story I guess!! And you can print the log in the size and format to go right into your dive log.

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Rating: needs instructions....
Reviewer: David Hollis
What can I say, the product works but with out any instructions I have to give credit to the Oceanic product support team. Which with their step by step instruction(s)I was able to down load and view my previous dive data and assess how to use the Oceanic proplus2 dive computer to my advantage. Although I do think it would be good to sell the computer and downloader-USB as a package rather than individually.

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Rating: Again, way too expensive,..
Reviewer: Richard Bennewate  -  View all my reviews
Oceanic has priced this USB cable at over $80. This is really way over priced. The good news is that the software is available for free at their website and it is a very comprehensive dive log program.

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Rating: Successful Downloader
Reviewer: james price  -  View all my reviews
I use this downloader for my NEO250 dive computer. The system is very easy to use and understand. Others have noted that the cable does not stay attached, I have yet to encounter that problem, I place the dive computer on the table next to my laptop and the download takes less than a minuet. The dive computer program is available for free from the product web site and is just as easy to use as the usb cable, the logs are easy to read and understand the program also provides easy to use filters for screening your data, like longest dive, deepest dive, coldest dive etc. All in all I like this product and think most of you will to.

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Rating: Oceanic USB download cable for computer
Reviewer: Beth G.
I have two Oceanic dive computers and they are both easy to use.

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Rating: Designed by an 8 year old?
Reviewer: Douglas C.
A 10 year old could have designed a better connector for the cable-to-PDC interface. SInce the design is so stupid and non-intuitive, a pictorial instruction would have been a nice touch. After you figure it out you have to sit there with one hand keeping it connected otherwise they self-disconnect if you look at them cross-eyed, or even if you dontt. And talk about overpriced, you gotta be kidding. But...its the only game in town so suck it up a buy it if you want to created useful logs of your diving adventures.

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Rating: Oceanic Dive Downloader Cable and log software
Reviewer: David Winters
If you have the computer, get the cable and software. Purchased after my first major dive trip (Bonaire). Lots of Dives to download at once. The intructions were good enough to download and install the software with no surprise. The Dive Log software is easy to use and it is neat to review the time/depth track. The Software allows diver to record typical entries from the log book with places for notes and attachments. Automatically (re)numbers Dives by Date and start time. Download and manual entries were equally easy to perform.

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Rating: Making all the difference
Reviewer: Remy S.
After hooking up my underwater computer to my PC with this cable I was amazed to see all the information I could get from the dives. Besides creating a log of your dives, it also clearly displays the "violations" during your dive, including ascend rate. So it helps perfection your diving style by keeping you safer, and reminding you of your mistakes. Its worth the $90 :-)

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Rating: Does the job, but...
Reviewer: Eric Evans  -  View all my reviews
i like my vt pro computer, but i think its a shame that the usb cordnecessary for uploading dive data to any computerdoesnt come standard. paying $400-500 for a computer is one thing, but an additional $79 for a simple usb cord stings. i cant imagine the meager additional profit is worth the customer aggravation such add-on costs cause. the product itself works just fine, though the addition of a software cd would have been welcome. the program is a free download from the company website, but its just another example of oceanic asking the customer to jump through hoops for basic functionality. the product works, and is absolutely necessary to keep a full, feature-rich catalog of your dives if you have any of a dozen or so oceanic dive computers. the records it keeps through a few clicks & a short upload are terrific, and being able to print out pages for my dive log complete with graphs is great. but each time i use it, im reminded that oceanic stuck it to me an extra $80 or so for something that should have been included with my dive computer purchase. finally, the cost of peripheral cables has ped so much in the past few years that its hard to believe this product retails for more than $20. deserves credit for selling it as inexpensively as they dotheir list price is a good $20 below most everyone elses. imho, oceanic needs to reevaluate their policy here and package this automatically with dive computers.

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Rating: Adequate connecting cable
Reviewer: Dale E.  -  View all my reviews
The usb interface works well, it has one drawback that it does not lock well into the computer. It is possible to lose data if you bump the computer or cable during download. Other wise, it seems to work great.

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Questions and Answers for Oceanic Downloader - USB:

  • Bob:

    I have an older Pro Plus ver 2 plastic buttons Is this the correct cable. I saw a post that ver 2.1 takes a different cable than 2.0 pro plus. This cable says it will do both Is this correct cable for the older model???

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Bob, in the drop down menu you will see there are two options to order the cable, you want the Oceanic Downloader - USB For VT PRO, PRO PLUS 2(plastic Buttons), VERSA PRO, and VEO 150/180/200/250. That will be the one that will work with your computer.

  • Dan:

    Which downloader do I need for computer I recently reveived Veo2 Air/nitrox

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Dan, you need to order this version: Oceanic Downloader - USB For VT3, VT4, Veo 2.0, Veo 3.0, HUD Datamask and PRO PLUS 2.1 (Metal buttons), PRO PLUS 3. You will find that option in the drop down menu on the item page above the add to cart button.

  • Steve:

    Will this work to download data from my pro plus 2.1 to a mac?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Steven, no this is will not work on a Mac computer.

  • Charles:

    I see that you answered in a previous question that this cable is compatible with the Veo 100 nx. Are you sure? Ive read on other websites that the Veo 100 and 100nx cannot download their data. Can you please verify this again before I buy this cable. I just bought the Veo 100nx console and would really like to be able to download my dives. Thanks.

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, yes the veo 100 is downloadable and this would be the correct cord for it.

  • Jesse:

    Will this cable work for the VEO 100nx. I recently purchased the VEO 100nx and realized I am going to need a download cable thought it would come with one, silly me. Thanks in advance.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Jesse, yes this would be the download cable you would need.

  • Charles:

    Heres my question. Why did you guys give me the wrong information? I specifically asked if this would work with a VEO 100nx dive computer and you guys said yes. IT DOES NOT! Although the dive computer has the port that you can attach this cable to, the computer itself has no capability for download. The Oceanlog software does not even have the VEO 100nx as a choice for dive computers. Please give the correct information in the future.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Charles, you are 100% correct and I apologize!!! Our instructors have been corrected. The Veo 100, 100nx, and 1.0 computers are NOT PC downloadable. The port is there for 2 reasons. 1, it''s cheaper for Oceanic to use the same case for all models of the computer as opposed to making one different from the rest for non-PC downloadable computers and 2) does allow for firmware/software updates at the manufacturer level if necessary. Our instructor here simply fitted a downloader to a computer without the knowledge of the software on board the computer. Again, we do apologize and have corrected the knowledge of our instructors.

From splash and play to plug and play. Oceanic's OceanLog PC Interface is an exquisitely detailed digital dive log. OceanLog allows you to easily transfer dive data from your PDC to your PC via a plug-in USB cable. 

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