Hollis Computer Download Kit 204.8489 008147


Mfg Part #: 204.8489
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  • FREE Deluxe Mouse Pad
  • USB to dive computer cable only
  • With the download program provided with the computer you can use a wide array of post dive analysis
  • Dive profiles are graphically rendered on your computer screen or print outs, containing the following information:
  • Date and times (start, dive, surface interval)
  • Dive number
  • Depths and decompression status
  • Maximum depth
  • Bottom time
  • Descent/ascent rates
  • Ambient temperatures
  • Up to 50 dives can be down-loaded
  • For the Hollis DG02, Hollis DG03

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Questions and Answers for Hollis Computer Download Kit:

  • Bill:

    Is this product for the DG02?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Bill, yes this download cable will work for the DG02 air/nitrox Hollis computer.

Hollis Computer Download Kit

Manufacturer Part number 204.84.89

Connects your personal computer to your Hollis DG02 or Hollis DG03. This allows you to download all the data your dive computer has gathered over more than 50 dives! Keep a long-term track of all of your diving states, including the temperature of the water for each dive, the descent rate, maximum bottom time, depth, decompression status, the number of dives, the dates you dived, the start and end time of each dive, and more.

Great for tracking your progress over time, or for use in planning your future dives based on past performance.

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