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Underwater Kinetics Sunlight D8 / HID Light Cannon Grip

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Customer Reviews for Underwater Kinetics Sunlight D8 / HID Light Cannon Grip:

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Rating: Light Where You Want It
Reviewer: Michael H.,  - View all my reviews
The light came with a pistol grip which is fine except as a NJ wreck diver I need to aim the light low or under a wreck. The lantern grip is needed to do this most effectively. Both the pistol and the lantern grip are high quality and work well with the Light Cannon. The only drawback is they both mount with set screws and those screws need to be secure on a dive.

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Rating: Easier to hold a larger light
Reviewer: Marcin Lajdecki,  - View all my reviews
I purchased the Sunlight D8 e led light to upgrade from my C4. I found the light to provide the light that I wanted at a bargain price but it was a bit awkward to hold. I liked the light so I decided to try out the Cannon Lantern Grip Replacement. I tried it out on my past two dives and it turned out to be just what I was looking for. The weight distribution was perfect and it was easy to hold. It was I small price to pay to create a light that I now like and enjoy.

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Rating: underwater kinetics D8
Reviewer: serge gutieres,   
great equipment i used it for ship wreck divin in St Thomas last week and results were very good.luminosity is very good .the flashlight is easy to handle under water and the grip is well placed . the battery life is very good.i did not recharge it for the 8 dives we did in 4 days.

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Rating: SunlightD8/Light Cannon Lantern Grip
Reviewer: Brian Sharpe,
I had prevously purchased a Light cannon and was extremely satisfied with the lights performance. I was taking a wreck penetration course and wanted to use this light as my primary light source but was worried about handling a reel along with the pistol grip the light cannon came equipted with. The lantern grip solved my dilema. I highly recommend this option.

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Rating: Lantern Grip
Reviewer: christopher krause,  - View all my reviews
An absolute must if your light allows it. Switching your light on, off, changing intensity is a breeze with a lantern grip compared to the standard pistol grip. At first I used the pistol grip and found it was difficult to keep the light secured/steady with my lower three fingers while I used my thumb and index finger to manipulate the switch. After purchasing the lantern grip it was easy to let the handle rest on my lower three fingers and use my thumb & index finger to switch settings. Spend the extra few dollars and youll be able to concentrate on your night dive even more. Christopher-Madison, WI

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Rating: Great
Reviewer: michael e.,  - View all my reviews
I bought two. One for my Light Canon and one for my C8 eLED. Waaay better than the Pistol Grip!

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Rating: Cannon grip
Reviewer: David Russell,  - View all my reviews
Great durable grip. I prefer it to the regular grip.

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Rating: replacing regular grip
Reviewer: sack igarashi,  - View all my reviews
The regular sold grip is ok, but the latern style is just easier to hold.

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Rating: UK/Sunlight D8/HID Light Cannon Grip Lantern Grip Replacement
Reviewer: randall mcmullen,
Works perfectly. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a UK light with a pistol grip.

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Rating: Big light
Reviewer: Grant F.,  - View all my reviews
Got both handles installed. Rechargable c/w brighter bulb.

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