Pelican Rechargeable Stealthlite  Xenon Lamp 2404 025017

Mfg Part #: 2404

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Rating: Pelican
Reviewer: Dianne Marshburn
The service and responsiveness is rated as a 5 for The product was exactly what was needed and the quality of service was great

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If you need a steady, reliable replacement lamp for your Xenon Flashlight Lamp model, invest in the Pelican 2404 StealthLite Xenon Flashlight Lamp Module and have peace of mind that you're trusting a reliable products. This light is trusted to burn brighter, longer and more reliably than any other on the market – all for an affordable price. This lamp has the power to provide plenty of light without overwhelming brightness. It has a battery life of 5-6 hours and 10,000 Candlepower. This super bright Xenon bulb allows for easy and clear visibility is low-light conditions or night diving. Ease your mind and let the Xenon Lamp shine brightly each and every time. This lamp has a collimated laser sharp hi-intensity beam.

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