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LavaCore by Oceanic Trilaminate Polytherm Dive Shorts

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  • Super Soft Trilaminate Polytherm material for increased warmth
  • Water resistant outer Lycra layer for fast water run off and quick drying
  • Windproof middle layer for anti-wind chill and superior warmth
  • Breathable middle layer allows perspiration to be drawn away in hot conditions
  • 4-way stretch for ultimate flexibility
  • Can be worn by itself in warm water or under another suit for added warmth
  • Overlapped flatlock seams for extra durability and warmth
  • Protects you from sun rays (SPF 50+)
  • UNISEX SIZES: XSmall through 4XLarge
  • COLOR: Black only

Customer Reviews for LavaCore by Oceanic Trilaminate Polytherm Dive Shorts:

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Rating: Needs More Ballroom For Men
Reviewer: Andrew T.
got size ml based on the size chart. have the short-sleeve top in l because ml was too smallso i was nervous to get ml shorts. fit is a little too snug but ok. bigger issue is they need more space in the crotch area for me (a man). "unisex" ? i dont think so. would stretch and work well for women as long as their hips arent too wide. used them once so far, in 77 degree f saltwater and they worked very well. i rinsed them after use and hung to dry in the bathroom (no breeze). didnt dry completely in 48 hours and had to put them in a plastic bag in my suitcase. unfortunately it took 2 days to get home and they smelled of milldew when i got home. my fault, but maybe something can be done - or just advice to other users.

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Rating: Very helpful
Reviewer: William Smith
i am allergic to neoprene, so i need something between me and my wetsuit. i got the shorts and top and i like themcomfortable, but i do wear a wetsuit over that to keep warm enough. in warm water the lavacore would be enough, but in cooler water (74-76) i am a pussy and want more warmth. seems to be well made

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Questions and Answers for LavaCore by Oceanic Trilaminate Polytherm Dive Shorts:

  • Andy:

    Hello again do you no if these shorts will keep the area they cover dry due to heat rash & prickly heat.If not can you recommend a pair that do thank you very much.Andy

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Andy, no manufacture make a pair of dry shorts like these. They are designed to trap a thin layer of water. Your body will warm that water up and then the shorts will help reflect the heat back to your body. If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call at 1.800.347.2822.

  • mathew:

    I am going free diving in the Bahamas in a week. Looking for free diving gear that will work in warm water. I was thinking of these shorts with a camo long sleeve rash guard? What do you think. Also my waist is about a 33, what size shorts?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Matthew, in this you would be a size medium. But most of the free divers I know when a full body skin not shorts and a shirt.

  • lynn:

    I am looking for some "shorter" shorts. What is the inseam length of these shorts?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Lynn, here is a link: It would depend on the size you are looking for to know what the inseam length is.

  • Diane:

    I have several auto immune conditions that require me to stay completely dry in my genital area. Is there anything out there that is not a complete head to toe suit that will meet my needs? My female area must stay free from outside bacteria and I love the water. That is one reason I live in Florida. Please help

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Diane, unless you go with a dry suit no manufacture makes shorts or pants that will keep you totally dry. All the shorts and pants are designed to trap a thin layer of water between you and the material.

The perfect lower body thermal protection for watersports such as kayaking, jetskiing and swim training where lower body comfort and flexibility are essential. Couple with and of the Lavacore upper body garments for a true multi-purpose thermal protection system.

Wind-proof middle layer provides anti-wind chill properties and ensures warmth in cold conditions
Water resistant outer layer facilitates fast water run-off and quick drying
Light weight and 4-way stretch makes Lavacore incredibly comfortable to wear
Breathable middle layer allows moisture to be drawn away from the body on the surface
Lavacore is neutrally buoyant
All seams are overlapped during flatlock sewing to decrease water flow
Full gusset incorporated into the underarm to offer exceptional arm movement and stretch
Anti-bacterial inner fleece minimizes odor and eliminates bacteria growth
Extended material on back to keep vests and shirts from riding up
SPF 30+ protection


Close to the skin, this soft internal fleece combined with high 4-way stretch produces the ultimate comfort / warmth / weight ratio, a true leader amongst artificial/man-made fabrics within the water sports industry. Wet or dry, hot or cold, Polytherm helps control your core temperature longer and when wet maintains neutral buoyancy, crucial to divers and any high activity watersports enthusiast.

Due to water weight being eliminated the garment becomes an ultra performance piece of equipment - essential to your body’s needs of maintaining a safe and secure temperature. Whether worn as a stand alone garment, under your wetsuit or even clothing, olytherm is guaranteed to keep you well insulated, flexible, lightweight and free from windchill.

Polytherm Tri-Laminate
Combining the outer shell and the inter PU layer, the fleece of Polytherm integrated ensures a very high heat and insulation rating, the PU film layer gives this combination added water resistance and high protection from windchill. Used in areas where extreme heat retention is required.

1) Ultraflex Durable Outer Protection +
This outer lycra layer is a 180g/sqm knitted nylon warp knit Tricot with water repellent treatment to ensure fast water run off and anti wind chill properties.

2) Waterproof/Breathable MIddleMembrane +
Layer is an impermeable Breathable Microporous high stretch PU Film which is wind proof and breathable allowing perspiration to be drawn away in hot conditions.

3) Insulative Thermal Inner Layer +
Fleece layer is a 240g/sqm 4 way stretch polyester fleece with elastane. It has Anti-Pill treatment as well as Anti-Microbial treatment to reduce odor and eliminate bacteria.

Seam Construction
All of the Lavacore seams are overlapped during flatlock sewing to ensure maximum water integrity and reduced waterflow through the seams. Maximum heat retention is therefore achieved when worn in colder water conditions. See diagram. To ensure maximum integrity and longevity of your Lavacore garment the seam cross-overs on the inside of the suit are locked under the threads of the adjoining seam. The seam construction being doubled and flat-locked allows for maximum stretch out of the four way stretch fabric technology without compromising at seam edges.

Panel Design
The Lavacore range includes female and male specific cut and unique design.
Lycra panels with contemporary lines and graphics are incorporated into all garments.
Full Under the Arm Gusset. This ensures there is no rub or irritation on the sensitive under side of the arms and side of the body. It also reduces restricted movement considerably and allows for extra reach without seam strain and damage.

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