Finis Trainer Monofin 013663

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Mfg Part #: 1.35.005
  • The ultimate swimming accessory for competitive swimmers and triathletes
  • Dolphin kick motion 
  • Fits Mens 6.5-16/ Womens 8+
  • DIMENSIONS: 28" x 18"
  • Upgrade to Trainer 2 -25% stiffer -see below to order
  • Swimming Fins - Not for Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

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Rating: Great monofin for the pool
Reviewer: Arthur Spafford III
I ordered the Trainer 2 (25% stiffer) and like its kicking characteristics very much. If you feel you have strong legs definitely go for the 2, otherwise stay with the 1. Sizing seems pretty true/ slightly on the small side (Im a 10.5 running shoe and the L *just* fits.) The fin will improve your dolphin kick and provide a good workout in the pool. Well made monofin for training, which is its purpose. Would buy it again.

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Trainer Monofin

The Trainer I Monofin is made with a long, flexible fiberglass blade that is designed for more serious swimmers and triathletes. The Trainer I Monofin improves body balance, strengthens the core muscles and is a vital drill tool. Monofins are great strength training tools to develop a smooth and powerful butterfly kick that is generated from the hips, not the knees. Monofins work the abs, lower back, quads and gluteus, while improving flexibility of the feet and ankles.

Strong Kick
Develop a powerful dolphin kick that is generated from the hips
Strength Training
Work core muscles including abs, lower back, quads and gluteus
Increase range of motion in the feet and ankles
Made for Advanced Swimmers
Designed for more experienced swimmers and triathletes
Long Fiberglass Blade
Aids in lengthening stroke and improves body balance


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