Aqua Sphere Vortex V8 Hand Paddles 1003115 131354

Mfg Part #: 1003115
  • Helps improve swimming technique
  • Adds resistance for muscle toning while swimming
  • Enhance a workout by efficiently displacing water while focusing on stroke form
  • Strengthen and improve your stroke while training
  • Perfect accessory for swim training
  • One size fits all
  • COLOR: Blue
  • Designed for surfing, swimming, personal watercraft and other action sport activities - Not Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

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Rating: Great Buy & they Work
Reviewer: Gordon O.  -  View all my reviews
Hand paddles. Ive not seen a consistent name for this kind of product. I think of them as fins for the hands. My swimming workout seemed to be lacking something. SO I looked for an inexpensive "hand fins" so that I could experiment with them. These work extremely well and are well priced. I have 2 minor concerns: 1. The teenager deep inside me thinks they look dorky, like I put them together in my basement with sheets of plastic, surgical tubing and a hole punch. BUT THEY FUNCTION PERFECTLY!!! 2. I wonder whether, eventually, algae will start growing in the surgical tubing and gross people out. Im thinking probably not: I only use them in chemically treated swimming pools and I try to blow out the water after every swim. Still...THE FUNCTION PERFECTLY!!! and for a GREAT PRICE!!

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Vortex V8 Handpaddles

Classic handpaddle
Silicone tube straps secure paddles

Vortex V8 Handpaddles are designed to train proper swimming technique - it raises the elbow during the stroke by ensuring the hand is cupped and doing all the work. The paddles also teach how to angle properly, and will increase stroke distance after multiple uses.

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