Pelican Nemo 8C Light 4300-017-110-BLK 026568

Mfg Part #: 4300
  • Free Lanyard Included
  • Super Bright Xenon Lamp Technology
  • The smallest 8C dive light in the world
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens
  • External Leakproof Electronic Switch
  • POWER:13.8 Watts (100,000 candlepower)
  • DEPTH:500 Feet
  • BURN TIME: 3-4 hours
  • COLORS: Black or Yellow
  • BATTERY: 8 C-Cells

Customer Reviews for Pelican Nemo 8C Light:

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Rating: Bulb lamp when you cant aford the Super LED yet
Reviewer: Christopher L.
I had wanted to get the LED primary lamp but at the moment I just didnt have the extra cash and saw this light. It seems really nice and fits in my hand nice. Nice magnetic switch that works like it directly connected so no worries there. The only thing that I wonder about is that is has a double o-ring when you screw on the lense so you have to make sure everything is set correct or youll get a bit of an o-ring buldge. There is a backup bulb when you are out of water you can swap in just in case bright bulb goes out but its only a temp bulb. The bulbs and batteries seem a good price and I hope this lasts long enought until they come out with a less expensive high intensity LED. But this is worth the money if you are looking for a low cost primary backup or a primary if you prefere the bulb.

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Rating: Best value and design available for a primary dive light
Reviewer: Ray G.  -  View all my reviews
Weve used three different lights while diving and love the Nemo 8C. The price, design, function, and incredible brightness of the Nemo 8C make it the best full-sized dive light on the market. It is easily comparable to dive lights costing five times as much (the Nemo 8C is brighter though), but in a much more compact package due to the design. The lifetime operating cost might seem high at first because you only get 30 hours on primary bulb. Look at it this way, if you invest the difference in price to other models on replacement bulbs, youd have over 300 hours of night/cave/cavern diving with the Nemo 8C before you reached the price of the $150 flashlights. Thats a lot of diving and a lot of fun for the money. Dont be mistaken into thinking low price means low quality. The Nemo 8C is well designed, solidly constructed, and it fills the water with light. The switch is the easiest to use of any light weve tried. Buy it. Youll be happy you did.

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Rating: Nemo 8C Light
Reviewer: James B.
Great light for primary and/or backup. The switch lock can be a little tricky when wearing gloves but otherwise I can recommend this light with great confidence. Battery life was much longer than anticipated based on the specifications online, nicely balanced and bright.

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Rating: Pelican Nemo 8C Light
Reviewer: Richard Worfel  -  View all my reviews
Lots of light for the price. At first I thought it was a bit heavy but after using it a couple of times I got used to it and didnt have any problems with the weight. I got a good 3 hours of bright light use out of the first set of batteries. Overall, very satisfied with this light.

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Rating: Most Light for your buck!
Reviewer: Joe Heston
The Nemo 8 is a well designed, super compact, primary dive light. Until you open it up to load the batteries in for the 1st time you wont believe that 8 Cs can fit into that small of a package. The light it puts out is white (not yellow) and it is focused into a nice tight beam. It has an external magnetic switch that is easy to use,easy to clean, lockable for travel, and it doesnt add any exta seals to the light for a leak to form. It also comes with an axtra back-up bulb, a good lanyard, and best of all a lifetime warranty.

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Rating: Nemo 8c is great!
Reviewer: daniel mchaney  -  View all my reviews
I took this to the Chanel Islands this weekend and it was indispensable for every dive. Plenty bright for bug hunting and exploring dark crevices during the day and awesome for a primary at night. The light is fairly compact and the magnetic swith is genius! Didnt fowl up once and is a surefire way to guarantee water tightness. Nice and slightly negatively boyant underwater. Tough as nails too. We had this paired with the princeton tec shockwave 2 and the nemo held its own. An advantage for the nemo was the simplicity in its use. It had one switch position that was easily activated even with thick gloves on and locked into position, on or off, along with a fairly narrow beam. The P.T. was a little more fumbly with a sticky 2 pos switch and slightly wider beam. Both good lights but nemo won my vote. Great light, buy it!!! Dan

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Rating: Powerful and compact dive light
Reviewer: Jason Lamb  -  View all my reviews
I find the size, weight and shape to be perfect. It really is the smallest 8C light out there! I prefer the intuitive rocking switch compared to the switches of competing brands. The switch lock is also easier to toggle. The lamp disassembles quickly for access to batteries and bulb. Though it comes with a lanyard, I purchased a retractor to go along with it for easier handling. The light output is not as white, but plenty bright for both night dives and daytime use. The xenon bulb will get quite hot, so use out of water is not recommended. If you don’t mind extra size, weight, and cost (plus the hefty bulb price) the UK Cannon 100 would be a better choice for you – however, I’m sticking to this Nemo.

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Rating: Bright light
Reviewer: Robert Webster  -  View all my reviews
The C8 dive light is more than enough light for any situation. Why carry around that huge D8! when the C8 does an extremely good job. The switch for on off is good, the back up of two light bulbs is great idea as well. Turn the switch to the left for one bulb,to the right for the other. Great light!

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Rating: Pelican Nemo 8C Light
Reviewer: Richard S.
Looking forward to using it at the end of February 2009. Ill write a complete review on it then. The construction looks and feels sound. It certainly is bright.

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Rating: nice light
Reviewer: Jeff Mitchell  -  View all my reviews
great powerful light at the right price..great for night dives..definitely recommend product

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Nemo™ 4300 Flashlight

The Nemo 4300 is the ultimate dive light. The 4300 has an unbreakable ABS body with thermoplastic overmolded accents and polycarbonate lens. It uses a clever magnetic switch that operates outside of the body to prevent leaking. The switch can be easily removed for washing off sand and dirt. Pelican's unique battery compartment design allows for optimal space utilization and negative buoyancy. A spare Xenon lamp is included and stored underneath the reflector. Submersible to 100 meters and powered by 8 C alkaline cells.

Personalized nameplate service available

Body Material: ABS Resin
Minimum Pack 1 ea.
Packaged Weight: 1.4 lbs.

Cat. # Description
4300N Nemo™ 4300 Flashlight (Carded)

Light Source - Xenon

Batteries - 8C Alkaline

Charge Time - N/A

Voltage - 12

Length - 7.5 " (19 cm)

Light Output - 175 lumens

Runtime - 6 hours

Beam Distance - 143 meters

Peak Beam Intensity - 5222 candela

Waterproof & Submersible - IPx8




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