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Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL6 Light

Customer reviews see below


"Scuba Lab Testers Choice!"
  • Free 6 C-Cell Batteries Included!
  • Free Lanyard Included!
  • Switch included for single-handed operation
  • POWER: 8 watts
  • BATTERY LIFE: 4 - 5 hours
  • DEPTH: 500 feet
  • COLORS: Black,  Safety Yellow or Blue

Polar Fleece Beanie $10.00

Spare/replacement O-ring $5.95

Scuba Beach Towel $9.95


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Customer Reviews for Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL6 Light:

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Average Customer Review: based on 13 reviews.

Rating: Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL6
Reviewer: Davin Jaggard,  - View all my reviews
although this is a semi-big flashlight, i think it was well worth the price. ive kept it in my work truck and found it to be a great tool. ive ped it in the water and i do not have to worry. waterproof is something a flashlight needs to be. this alone is a great part but it also has a bright light. id buy another if i needed one.

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98 out of 184 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great light!
Reviewer: Virginia W.,
We have had the SL6 for many years and it is still in excellent condition so we just ordered another to keep in the camper...they are great lights. The Sunlight SL6 isnt just for underwater but makes a great household light...just the right size to take the dog out at night.

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76 out of 147 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great Flashlight!
Reviewer: Andy Khlyupka,   
Very good flashlight with quite a powerful beam and solid construction. One thing worth mentioning, though, is I, for some reason, expected the body of the flashlight to be rubberized, but it is not. Nevertheless, the light is good.

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164 out of 381 people found this review helpful.

Rating: SL6 underwater light
Reviewer: Scott Harbaugh,  - View all my reviews
This is a great, small dive light. I used it as a primary night dive light and I did not have any problems. My field of light was great. I was able to catch more animals on the fringes of the light than anyone else in my party. I would like to compare it to one of the bigger, heavier, more expensive lights, but for the size and versatility, I can not imagine needing anything else.

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171 out of 381 people found this review helpful.

Rating: six c cell flashlight
Reviewer: david brosky,
I am not a diver, I use this light for tracking wounded game as for I am a hunter.With 20yrs. exp. this is the best light I have ever purchased. Everyone I show this light to is impressed and want one.I,m sure I will be ordering more in the future. Ii also use the 2aa for getting in and out of the woods.

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164 out of 269 people found this review helpful.

Rating: SL6
Reviewer: Kevin Genisot,  - View all my reviews
A friend of mine recommended this light to me after searching for a good quality light at a reasonable price. I ordered 12 of them for guys at work and everyone loves them. Most use them for hunting. They are really bright and easy on the batteries. Compare them for brightness and price against ANY light and you wont find a better one! The mini Q40 is awesome as well and really light and compact!!

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136 out of 289 people found this review helpful.

Rating: My wife loves it.
Reviewer: Thomas Kozlowski,  - View all my reviews
I got this for my wife and she loves it. Shes even taken it on a field trip with her students into a large cave and found that it was the only light in the group that could see the ceiling. Its not a "primary" light, but its a great backup.

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214 out of 376 people found this review helpful.

Rating: SL-6 -Very Bright Light!
Reviewer: Matthew Vogt,
I am very pleased with the compactness and brightness of the SL-6.It has been a great tool when diving ship wrecks in Lake Michigan. I think it is even brighter than my C-8. I also own the MiniQ-40 light. UK lights are a great value!

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121 out of 240 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Underwater Kinetics Sunlight SL6:
Reviewer: derrick bell,  - View all my reviews
Great light

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219 out of 429 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Bright light, excellent backup or low use primary light
Reviewer: Donald Wistrom,  - View all my reviews
VERY bright light. Brighter than my 6 cell Maglight. In dark waters use a full size pistol grip light and this for a backup. For all other waters this should do nicely as a primary.

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290 out of 554 people found this review helpful.

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