Polar Pro Polarizer Filter For Gopro Hero 4 / 3+ P1003 168381

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Mfg Part #: P1003

Polar Pro Polarizer Filter For Gopro Hero 4 / 3+

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Questions and Answers for Polar Pro Polarizer Filter For Gopro Hero 4 / 3+:

  • rick:

    dose this filter work on the camera underwater with the other red lenses looks a little big

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Rick, you can only use one or the other can use both the red filter and this filter at the same time.

  • keith:

    is this the same filter made by polar pro it has the same item # 1003 thanks keith

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Keith, same design but made by a different manufacture.

  • Earl:

    Do these filters fit the hero hd and hero+

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    They fit the Hero 4 and 3+ only.

Polarizer Filter For Filming In Bright Conditions Near Snow Or Water. Reduces Glare And Prevents Overexposure.

This is the filter it all started with back in October of 2010. It has certainly come a long way and has transformed into an extremely easy to use filter for the GoPro Hero3 . This newest version features a brand new glass filter, which has better optics, and is even stronger than the last edition. Also, we beefed up the frame and over molded the glass to increase durability even more.

We use this polarizer filter pretty much whenever we are filming outside. As long as its not very cloudy and dark, the polarizer reduces unwanted reflections and cleans up the video quite nicely. Sometimes the polarizer is almost necessary, especially when filming on bright bluebird days in the snow, or near water. The polarizer also increases color saturation making colors look even more vibrant. We also slide it on when shooting in the car to remove glare off the windshield, dashboard, and the road. Its a very helpful accessory for the GoPro Hero3 and is super easy to slide on and slide off.

When To use:

Sunny: Filter will cut down excess light, reduce glare, and clean up and overexposed highlights.

Partly Cloudy: Filter will make clouds pop by making the sky a deeper blue, reduces glare, and will boost color saturation.

Cloudy: There are not many reflections on a cloudy day other than windshields and metallic surfaces, but the polarizer will reduce glare on those. It will not hurt to have on.

Stormy: Not the best time to have this filter on, it wont really help do anything, here your camera will capture the best video without a polarizer.

1. When shooting high production value scenes, be sure to check the filter and make sure it is clear. Just like the camera, the filter can fog in high humidity locations. If you see a little fog, just pop the filter off, let it breathe, and pop it back on.

2. To prevent fogging, coat both sides of the filter with RainX, this will also help will preventing water droplets from sticking to the filter.

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