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Mfg Part #: P100
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  • Adds quick-swappable Red filter to the GoPro Hero3+ (without screws on the front of the housing) or Hero 3 (with screws on the front of the housing) Glass lens for superior scratch resistance
  • Easy slide on/off design
  • The Aqua red color corrects flawlessly in Tropical and Blue waters from 10 to 80 feet.
  • Camera not included - see below to order.

Customer Reviews for Polar Pro Red Lens Filter For GoPro Hero 3 Cameras:

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Rating: Good, but fragile
Reviewer: Jan F.
this trident red filter for the gopro gives very natural color-corrected images. i love that it snaps on the outside of the gopro housing, so you can take uw videos, then more videos on the boat by easily removing the red lens. this is a much better system that the red cellophane filters that go inside the housing and cannot be removed without opening the housing a risky proposition on a wet dive boat. and the in-housing filter dont lie flat against the lens port, and can rub against the gopro lens, which cannot be good for it. my only reservation is that the glass is rather thin, and must be protected so it doesnt crack. i just received my second filter after the first one cracked while in the pocket of my bc. i suggest a plastic case to protect it on the boat (life a small food-serving container). so, a great filter with real advantages, but order two, so you have a back-up and dont get stuck during a dive trip.

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Rating: Joe. Log Goes Deeper
Reviewer: Charles Canady
Red lense for Go Pro brought in missing colors, I am very pleased. Now my friends that I try to recruit for dive class can see what I see, like I see it. Big dive at Santa Rosa Wall coming this year. Hope to make video of the week.

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Rating: Polar Pro Red Lens Filter For GoPro Hero 3 Cameras Review - $29.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Peggy B.  -  View all my reviews
made a HUGE difference in the pictures/videos I took on my recent trip to Cozumel. Easy to snap on/off . . . very much worth the price.

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Rating: Must have
Reviewer: Elizabeth Rubio  -  View all my reviews
This lens is a perfect fit. We used it on several dives on our recent trip to the Caribbean. It stayed in place the entire time. I would highly recommend it.

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Questions and Answers for Polar Pro Red Lens Filter For GoPro Hero 3 Cameras:

  • Don:

    Does this red filter work with the newer Hero 3+ or only with the Hero 3?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Don, they are two different filters size but yes this will work for the 3+ version.

  • Eric:

    Will this work with the lcd backpack housing?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Yes it will. It only attaches to the front lens and has nothing to do with the back.

  • Jeff:

    who can tell me the pass band (e.g. full width half maximum) of this filter in say nanometers ("red" is rather vagueexamples: the filter "passes" 600 to 700 nm, or 650 to 700 nm light

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    That is a question for the manufacturer.

Product Description
The Aqua3 Red Filter for the GoPro Hero3 is our newest and most effective color correction formula yet. We have take all the data inputs from previous red filters and improved upon them even further. The new Aqua Red filter produces deep blue hues and vibrant tropical reef colors which pop right off the screen. The Aqua red color corrects flawlessly in Tropical and Blue waters from 10 to 80 feet.

The New Aqua3 Red Filter also got a structural makeover by adding more protection to the glass lens, making it much more durable. The filter will securely slide onto the Hero3 waterproof housing and can be installed and removed in less than a second. The pressure fit is very snug but just in case a tether is included.

We got to play around with the GoPro Hero3 and our new red filter down in the Caribbean and were amazed with the results! The colors were great all the way from ten to eighty feet deep. Check out the video below and see what this filter can do to your Hero3 Footage!

Why Do You Need a Red Filter?
The point of a red filter is to compensate for red light loss which takes place under water. The reason being at about 10 feet there is no red light. The GoPro Hero3 ’s white balance is thrown off because of the red light loss causing the camera to record colors which are too blue or too green. A red filter compensates for the red light loss tricking the camera into recording natural colors the way you see them.

We took a lot of customer feedback, 3 months of heavy R&D, and 24 design revisions before releasing this product, it is built very well. However will gladly replace any defective products for 6 months from the date of purchase.

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