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Mfg Part #: SL961

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Rating: Super flash
Reviewer: Jolin W.  -  View all my reviews
Initially i had some problems but they turned out to be operator issues not the flash. adds so much to the pictures. well worth the money. only problems are i cant dive enough and i try to take so many PICs my dive buddy gets made because i wont keep up. Both nice problems to have.

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Rating: Great Photos
Reviewer: Sara Cohen  -  View all my reviews
I used the camera alone on a trip to Curacao, and my pictures were OK. I decided to get a flash for the camera befor our trip to Cozumel, and I am really glad I did. The colors showed up better, and I could even take decent pictures in the swim through caves. This was a great purchase.

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Rating: Pro Flash is a bright spot
Reviewer: William Manifold
The Sealife Pro Flash is simple to use, highly adjustable, and reliable. It attaches easily to Sealife cameras and even works beautifully with my Canon Rebel Digital SLR. It has a dial, for quick and easy intensity adjustments, that is as easy to use underwater as on dry land. The flexible handle allows you to get just the right angle for the flash so you dont wash out the image. Since the Pro Flash is activated by the built in flash of your camera the system will work with any camera that has a built in flash making the Pro Flash highly versatile. I enjoy my Pro Flash and recommend it to anyone for use in or out of the water.

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Rating: Good overall
Reviewer: Ramon H.  -  View all my reviews
The flash is well built and given the power, you have to get very close to subjects to get a decent picture. I would prefer the handle to be stiffer, since when you grab it the weight of the camera easily bends it. There is a learning curve to use it properly and effectively, but at the end it truly improves you pictures.

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Rating: Great flash for the Price
Reviewer: Christian R.  -  View all my reviews
Easy to set up, simple to use.

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Rating: Flash came apart
Reviewer: Alex Urdangaray  -  View all my reviews
It appears to be a nice unit, but whoever assembled the product did not tighten the screw down that holds the top part of the flash to the flexible arm. Eventually the screw backed out completely and the top seperated. Lost one fo the connecting knuckles. Fortunately, the flash part was caught before falling into the sea. This was the first time use. Now I have to contact Sealife and hope they will warranty the part or buy it out right.

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Rating: Needed help with Flash
Reviewer: Lester McDonald
Called and asked about a simple flash. By simple I mean simple for me to understand.I have had underwater flashes that I had my dive shop get me. Mistake number one. When i called they said this Sealife Pro Flash will work on my Olympus case and camera. Had trouble at first. Called, they gave me number to call. Found out I was at Fault. Yes ladies I am a man saying "my fault." Did what the man said and can hardly believe how well it works now. I had my SLR on the wrong setting. Flash is perfect. I can even use out of water with my SLR.

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Rating: Easy to Use
Reviewer: Jacqueline Lightner
I am very excited about my Sealife Digital Pro Flash. I am a novice underwater photographer and found that I needed more flash for the limited vis in Northern CA waters. It was easy to set up with my Sealife DC1000 camera and I am impressed with the power it has to light up the subject. Great flash and I would highly recommend it!

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Rating: SeaLife pro flash
Reviewer: Jeffrey G.  -  View all my reviews
I used this strobe with my SeaLife reefmaster mini for the first time on a live-aboard trip. With little experimentation with settings the pictures started coming out great. I would highly recommend this strobe. Most settings can be left at the default if used with a Sealife camera.

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Rating: SeaLife Digital Pro Flash - Great Accessory and Easy to Use
Reviewer: Victor Alan Bargas
Easy to use and makes a big difference when taking pictures. Compared pictures with and without external flash and there is a big difference. The colors are more vibrant. Wish I had the flash sooner than later. Great flash.

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Questions and Answers for Sealife Digital Pro Flash:

  • Joe:

    I have had two of these. Both flooded, but Ive never flooded a camera. These were early sl971s. How have they been re-designed. Was easy flooding an issue. Thanks Joe

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Joe, to get the tech spec's for those you would need to contact the manufacture directly. Here is there contact information you need: Sealife Service Center c/o Pioneer Research 97 Foster Road, Suite 5 Moorestown, NJ 08057 Tel: (856) 866-9191 Email:

  • Vince:

    will the Pro Flash work with a Cannon SD780IS in a WP-DC31 Waterproof Case for SD780IS Digital Elph Camera?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Yes you can use this with other camera housings, the only thing is attaching the fiber optic cable to the housing which can be done with electrical tape.

  • Tom:

    I have a DC800 with single Sealife digital pro flash, and its a few years old. I want to add another flash. Does sell a base tray that can handle two flashes? And is that all Ill need to add another flash?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The Digital Pro Flash will come complete with a strobe head, arm and tray. You'll need to add the longer Sealife Mounting Screw for 2 accessories (or the 3 accessory version if you are using the wide angle lens caddy as well) found at

  • Donna:

    Does this work with Canon WP-DC 12 housing and A570IS Camera?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Donna, yes the tray will connect to your camera and as long as you connect the flash link cable to your camera this will work for any camera.

  • Rick:

    I just returned from Grand Cayman where I used my SeaLife ReefMaster Mini Underwater Camera (SL332) and SeaLife Digital Pro Flash for the first time. With the Pro Flash my pictures are all over-exposed, washed out, with insufficient detail and too much scatter at times. I have set everything as recommended in the manuals for the camera and flash: On the camera I used easy setup to set to Underwater Camera and Flash and I set the flash switches inside to "0" (pre-flash setting) and "1" (auto bright) and the dial is set to the far left ("A" with the sun image). What am I doing wrong? On a very shallow dive (12 feet) I used the camera alone, set to no flash. Again the images lack saturation but I was able to fix them a bit in Mac Photos.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    It could be any number of reasons such as something easy as the aim of the flash. If you are firing directly on your subject as opposed to "around" it. It could also be the power setting on the flash was too bright and throwing out too much light.

Provides deeper, richer colors and reduces backscatter

Works with all SeaLife cameras as well as other brands of cameras that have up to 4 pre-flashes

New Auto Mode setting automatically adjusts flash brightness for optimal image exposure

Depth rated to 200 ft / 60 m

Variable power adjustment allows user to manually fine tune flash brightness for desired effect and image exposure

5 pre-flash cancellation settings

Effective underwater distance up to 8 ft. (2.5 m)

Approximately 100 flashes with 4 AA batteries (not included)

Flexible, rubberized arm for easy aiming and sure grip

Includes flash link optical cable connection, standard mounting knob, and Deluxe carry case.

A Digital Pro Flash can be mounted on each side of the camera (requires extended mounting knob, sold separately)

Digital Pro Flash Specifications
Guide Number 20 (meters distance on land) at full power setting
1.5m (meters distance on land) at low power
Power adjustment range 8% to 100% (in Auto or Manual modes)
Power switch Magnetic switch with On, Off, and Test
Coverage angle 60° horizontal x 50° vertical (Without Diffuser)
86° horizontal x 70° vertical (With SL9618 diffuser)
Color temperature 5700 degrees Kelvin
Power source 4 AA batteries (NiMH recommended)
Battery life 100 flashes (+/-)
Recycle time Instant recycle time when power setting is less than 1/2 power
7 seconds recycle time at full power (fresh batteries)
Buoyancy Positive
Housing material Rubber armored polycarbonate
Hardware 316 grade stainless steel
Flash arm 7.5' rubber coated flexible arm
Flash base Universal base with 1/4-20 threads
Weight 25 ounces (711 grams) w/ head, arm and base
Dimensions Head: 6.4' (16.3 cm) diameter x 3.5' (8.9 cm) depth
Arm: 7.5' length
Base: 7.75' L x 2' W x 3/8'
Watt seconds 40 watt seconds


Sealife Digital Pro Flash was designed specifically for underwater digital photography. Whether mounted up with the DC1400, the new Reefmaster Mini 2.1 or another manufacturer’s camera and housing, the SL961 Digital Pro Flash will aid with color correction and illumination of underwater photographs. The strobe is designed for any level of user, offering variable power adjustments allowing the manual fine tuning of the flash power or a new Auto Mode setting that adjusts the brightness of the flash automatically to give the diver the perfect exposure of their shot. According to Melinda Herndon, an Instructor with, “Even at shallow depths water begins to absorb the red, orange and yellow color ranges very quickly leaving us with very blue looking photos. The Sealife Digital Pro Flash replaces these colors with a bright, natural light to give even new photographers vibrant colorful images.” Designed to be the most universally versatile strobe available for divers and snorkelers it is powered by 4 AA batteries, and comes packaged with a fiber optic cable that is adaptable to any camera using a flash or pre-flash, the tray to secure it to any camera/housing equipped with a tripod mount, a flexible, ball-joint arm offering limitless aiming possibilities and a deluxe carry case with strap all at $349.

This powerful strobe boasts a depth rating of 60 meters and up to 100 flashes on a new set of batteries. It is packed into a fairly compact case measuring 2.4cm wide x 3.1cm long x 1.6cm tall and weighs just a little more than 1.8 kg making it a perfect choice for local dive tips or the travelling diver alike. States Melinda, “Being small and relatively light compared to other similar products means it will always be easy to pack and its owner will not have to worry about it being in the way on a dive or about airline baggage restrictions when packing to travel.”

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