Fantasea Nano Double Pro Set with Padded Bag 2077 069613

Mfg Part #: 2077
  • Fits most compact digital underwater housings
  • Strobe adjustments make it perfect for macro, close ups and fish portraits
  • Power control switch for fine tuning the power output
  • NANO Focus Light has High intensity L.E.D. light especially designed as a modeling light
  • Sensor Control that shuts off Focus light when pre-flash is triggered
  • System works with most compact digital cameras including those with the "Pre Flash" function
  • Includes:       
    • NANO Flash
    • NANO Focus Light
    • Fiber Optic Cable 
    • Medium Flexible Arm for Nano Focus light
    • Long Flexible Arm for Nano Flash
    • Double Tray
    • Padded Housing bag
  • Nano Flash works on 2 AAA batteries (not included see below to order)
  • Nano Focus light works on 4AAA batteries (not included see below to order)
  • DEPTH: 130 feet

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Rating: Wimpy flash
Reviewer: Stephen S.
This is a tiny little flash. the output was not sufficient to overpower ambient light even at 100 feet in Cuba. The result is that photos correctly exposed for ambient are washed in blue with none of their true colors.

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