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Sealife Float Strap

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Sealife Float Strap Customer reviews see below

  • Fits all Sealife cameras
  • Can be worn on wrist or use the quick clip attachment
  • International Orange color for high visibility
  • Camera not included

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Customer Reviews for Sealife Float Strap:

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Average Customer Review: based on 27 reviews.

Rating: Safety first...
Reviewer: Mark M.
It does its job. With a lighter camera, you certainly wont have to worry about losing it due to the floatation and bright orange color of the strap. If I had one gritch, it would be that the string that you use to attach the strap to the camera is a little too big. Most cameras, at least our Nikon AW100, has very small attachment tabs on the sides. The attachment string (that you run through the hole, then double back on itself?) on the Sealife strap was way too large to fit through, so we had to tie it onto the existing camera strap. A bit cumbersome, but it works well enough.

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Rating: Comforting to know
Reviewer: Christine C.  -  View all my reviews
Went on a dive trip. Several people had cameras and all expensive ones. Didnt see ANYONE else with this type of safety strap, but I used mine and felt a bit more safe that IF it came off, that it would float.

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226 out of 459 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Camera float
Reviewer: RONALD BURRELL  -  View all my reviews
The reason I purchased this, is my wife and I were diving in cozumel a month ago and she took her camera off her wrist to allow another diver to take a picture and she thought the camera was attached when she took it back and proceeded to swim off. The camera sunk to the bottom of the ocean and by pure luck another diver in our group was swimming along and saw a camera on the bottom and picked it up. With this strap this should never happen again.

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Rating: Float Strap Comfort & Safety
Reviewer: Steven E.  -  View all my reviews
This float camera strap is comfortable to wear around the wrist and allows use of the hand with the safety of knowing letting it go doesnt mean letting it go to the bottom of the ocean. Great product.

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Rating: Not a wrist strap!
Reviewer: David Strickland
The Sealife Float Strap may be capable of keeping your camera afloat, but the picture is somewhat misleading as it performs poorly as a wrist strap. The orange float does not close on itself with velcro as you might expect, but instead relies on small spring-driven clip on the cord attaching it to the camera to tighten it around you wrist. As a result it is bulky but not very well secured - youre better off just wrappig your normal camera strap around your wrist if you dont want to lose your camera. For snorkeling and diving it doesnt work very well at all. Its good enough at making your camera float on its own, but not great for attaching your camera to you.

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Rating: sealife camera float strap
Reviewer: Jason D.  -  View all my reviews
This is almost a must have product if purchasing a SeaLife underwater camera. Its a cheap and effective way to virtually eliminate the risk of loosing a high dollar piece of equipment. I use it everytime I dive or go canoeing and have turned to boat over several times and have always been able to find my camera because of the highly visible float strap.

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Rating: Piece of Mind
Reviewer: Darrren Stewart  -  View all my reviews
while on our trip to aruba, having this very comfortable strap hooked to my underwater camera let me not worry about ping or losing my camera. it will float at the surface even with a somewhat heavy camera. highly recommended.

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Rating: Good buy
Reviewer: Carlos P.  -  View all my reviews
i bought this for my new sealife camera knowing i would use it both above and below water. we went rafting in belize and i didnt want to the camera and loose it forever. the float strap worked great and held the heavier than average digital camera afloat with no problem.

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Rating: Durable Product!
Reviewer: Donald M.
I have had other brands and this seems to be made better!

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Rating: nice float
Reviewer: Anna T.
standard strap, well-made

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