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Sealife Lens Dock

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  • Safely carries your wide angle lens when not in use
  • Attaches securely to the bottom of the Digital Pro Flash or LED Video Light
  • Does not fit the bottom of the camera without out external strobe or light
  • Compatible with only DC300/310, DC500, DC600, DC1000 and DC1200 SeaLife digital cameras (NOT needed for the DC1400)

Deluxe Float Strap $19.95

Divers Baseball Cap $6.95

Desiccant - Ten (10) $9.95


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Rating: Very handy!!
Reviewer: Joyce P.,  - View all my reviews
This is attached to the bottom of your housing so if you dont want to use the wide angle lens, its a secure place to attach it instead of it loose inthe water. I recommend this if you have this wide angle lens!

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Rating: It works great
Reviewer: Scott Michael,  - View all my reviews
Its a necessity if you use the wide angle lens. The lens has to be put on when you are underwater to prevent air from being trapped between the camera and the W/A lens. The lens dock is the simplest and safest place for the W/A lens to be until you need it. Since I use the W/A lens almost 100% of the time, the lens dock is a no-brainer. If you use the optional SeaLife camera weight and the ext. flash, youll have to turn the weight 90 to allow the lens dock to fit. Dont forget to hook the leash on the W/A lens to the camera. I wouldnt trust the friction fit of either the lens dock of the front of the camera to hold up to an unlucky bump!!

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238 out of 459 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Sea Life Docking Port
Reviewer: BRIAN S.,  - View all my reviews
Came quick and ontime. Fit arm and worked great thru 17 dives in the Bahamas.

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9 out of 17 people found this review helpful.

Rating: EZ TO USE
Reviewer: MICHAEL HESS,   

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Rating: Got the wide-angle lens? Get this!...
Reviewer: David T.,  - View all my reviews
If you opt for the wide-angle lens on the DC600 (and if you dont you are not taking advantage of this cameras true potential), then spring for the dock. Keeps the wide-angle handy without being in the way. No fumbling through pockets, no worrying about dragging it along the ocean floor. One complaint - after 4 days of diving the mounting screws started to come loose. You may want to lock-tite them or at least keep a small screwdriver in your dive bag.

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300 out of 605 people found this review helpful.

Rating: sealife dock
Reviewer: Matthew Gradle,  - View all my reviews
I already had a wide angle lens for my reefmaster camera and never liked how it dangled from the housing. I would be looking at something and next thing I knew the lens would hit some coral. Not good for the coral or the lens. So when I bought the new dc600, I got the lens dock and everything worked great. It held the lens in place well and was easy to access. The only problem I had with it was on the older strobes there is no screw to attatch it to the stobe arm. I found this out after my new digital strobe cracked off at the end and I had to switch to my old strobes from my reefmaster.

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Rating: exelent
Reviewer: Jarda Novotny,  - View all my reviews
Works well with the Lens, Easy to use under water

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Rating: Sealife Lens Dock
Reviewer: Edwin C.,  - View all my reviews
Must have accessory for the wide angle lens! Easily attaches with one screw...even under 2 strobe heads and safely and securely stores your wide angle lens.

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Rating: Neat idea!
Reviewer: Lisa S.,  - View all my reviews
This lens dock is the neatest idea. It is so convenient to have my wideangle lens so handy. Also, the dock is very easy to attach to the strobe base.

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Rating: SeaLife
Reviewer: Jarda Novotny,   
It is very important pease for the extra lens,

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265 out of 546 people found this review helpful.

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