Bonica Dual G8V15 L.E.D. Video Light Package with Tray and Arms DV-2LS-G8V15 168199

Mfg Part #: DV-2LS-G8V15
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  • Brings color back into your Underwater Videos/Pictures
  • Package includes Two Bonica G8V15 Video lights
  • Adjustable Arms with Handles and Tray accommodates most Compact Digital/Video Housings 
  • Six 3Watt LED bulbs (for each light)
  • Constructed of heavy duty Polycarbonate and Aluminum
  • Dimmer control allowing the user to adjust the intensity of the light from 0%-100%
  • BEAM ANGLE: 60 degrees/per light
  • POWER: 1500 Lumens/per light
  • BATTERIES: 8 NiMH rechargeable AA batteries per light - (not included - see below to order) 
  • BURN TIME: Approximately 60 minutes
  • DEPTH: 180 feet

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Bonica Dual Video Light G8V15 Set

set with trays & arms
- Video Light utilizes 6 LEDs and precision reflective optics to eliminate “Hot Spots”
- 60 degree wide coverage

Manufacturer: N/A

Maintenance, Storage, and Safety

Do not drop, puncture, or disassemble ; the warrant could be voided.

Do not expose to extreme temperatures or long term exposure to direct sunlight.

Do not inappropriately expose to water without appropriate configuration and protection from the skin or skin and housing.

After each dive, soak in fresh water to prevent oxidation of stainless steel componenets and satl crystals from forming on the o-ring.

Use only specified batteries, others may cause serious damage.

Remove the batteries during long periods between usage, as deteriorated battery may affect the functionality of the camera.

Keep out of the reach of infants.

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