Mares Mission 2 Glass Console 414401US300 017006

Mfg Part #: 414401
  • Nitrox Compatible to 40% (The Recreational Limits of Nitrox)
  • Automatic maximum depth indicator
  • Visual low air indicator
  • Luminescent face is easy to read in dark or low visibility conditions
  • Easy to read luminescent dial
  • 4300PSI Pressure Gauge
  • DEPTH: 260 feet

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414401 - Mares Mission 2 Glass Console

The latest result of uncomplicated ingenuity

• Modular design
• Multiple attachment points
• Display for easiest readability

Boot: shock-resistant elastomer.
Hose: 7/16” UNF length 90 cm.
Dimensions: 218 x 72 x 29 mm.
Weight: 410 g

Our analog console with pressure and depth gauges offers the simple yet versatile option to upgrade from the analog depth gauge to the compact Puck capsule computer.

Pressure Gauge: Measures up to to 4300 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) at up to 260 feet below the water. 

The submersible pressure gauge is a safety device for monitoring residual air pressure
in the tank, designed to be used as part of a SCUBA set (open-circuit, self-contained
underwater breathing apparatus). The pressure gauge must be assembled on
the regulator first stage by means of the high pressure hose connected to the gauge.
The pressure gauge can be used at temperatures below 10°C.


After use, it is recommended that you rinse the instrument in fresh water while it is still
assembled on the regulator, to prevent water from penetrating inside the hose.
Allow to dry in air, and then put the instrument away, taking care to replace the special thread
protection cap on the hose. The instrument should be stored in a dry place, protected from heat sources and direct light,
without bending the hose too tightly (minimumbend radius 20 cm).


• Avoid exposing the instrument to direct sunlight or sources of heat.
• Treat the gauge like a precision instrument and avoid bumps or knocks.
• Rinse in fresh water after every dive. It is recommended that the 108 O-ring Vitron
gasket, located on the threads of hose coupling which connects to the pressure reducer, be
replaced periodically. Any maintenance or repairs must obligatorily be performed by Mares or its authorized personnel.

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