Apeks 3 Gauge Metric Console with Compass AP0636 016061

Mfg Part #: AP0636
  • This is a metric console - the display on the pressure gauge is in BAR
    and the depth gauge is in meters
  • Compact 3 gauge analog console including built in Compass - Why get lost?
  • Nitrox Compatible to 40% (The Recreational Limits of Nitrox)
  • Luminescent face is easy to read in dark or low visibility conditions
  • Temperature Display
  • Oil Filled Depth Gauge
  • Easy to read dial design
  • Depth gauge to 70 meters

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Our new Gauge Console range is headed by this Apeks designed and manufactured, stylish piece of dive equipment. Every detail has been carefully considered to offer divers a comfortable, compact and functional information system.

All instruments give accurate, clear readings and are made from the best quality build materials. As such they offer perfect functionality and excellent robustness. In essence the 2+1 Instrument Combo is an Apeks 2 Gauge Console with our unique Compass on the reverse. A compact system which we believe is the best Combo set available anywhere in the world.

For details about the Pressure (contents) gauge and depth gauge please refer to the information about our 2 Gauge Console.

The quality of our compass is high, as you would expect from Apeks. But it is also unique. Have you ever wondered why one has to twist around the wrist to view the side sight window of normal compasses? We have, which is why we offer the Apeks compass with 2 side sight windows so that divers can use this in either left hand or right hand configuration as a natural extension of the hand. The optimum angled view windows make the compass much more comfortable to use. Once you have used the compass in this way you will never be satisfied with any other version.

The luminous dial with a vivid and clear display makes quick work of compass direction even in poor visibility conditions. The Console is compact, but still has a large display enhancing your diving experience. The ratchet bezel is robust and can be rotated with ease even with thick neoprene gloves. The numbers and directions on the bezel are large and very easy to read.



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