ScubaPro X-Tek BC Single Tank Adapter with 2 Tank Bands 23.802.000 004597

Mfg Part #: 23.802.000

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Questions and Answers for ScubaPro X-Tek BC Single Tank Adapter with 2 Tank Bands:

Attaches to stainless steel backplate for single tank diving.

Includes two SCUBAPRO Super-Cinch straps.

Remove the D-ring and the plastic stopper from the Super cinch strap and then thread it though
the slots of the adapter. Replace the plastic stopper first and the the D-ring.

Attachment of the single tank adapter to the X-TEK Form Harness, Pro Harness, Pure Tek Harness
in conjunction with the stainless steel backplate:32
1. Place the backplate so it is facing down and then place the bladder onto the backplate.

2. Place the single tank adapter on the bladder so that the grommets are on top of each other.
Insert the screw from the bottom of the backplate and through the grommets and tighten the
nut from the top.

3. Repeat on the bottom of the adaptor. The single tank adaptor must be attached with two
screws to be secure. Failure to use two screws may lead to the bladder not being securely
attached to the plate which might lead to the tank being lost and could lead to serious injury
or death.

Check the tightness of the screws and nuts before each dive. The system must be
securely fastened together to be used safely. Failure to check the security of the system
may lead to the tank becoming detached before, during, or after the dive

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