Zeagle Grimlock Webbing Break-Away Clip 110-4100BK 004541

Mfg Part #: 110-4100BK

Zeagle Grimlock Webbing Break-Away Clip

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  • Light plastic clip for use on 1" webbing
  • Perfect accessory for the Zeagle Rapid Diver System to attach items
  • If caught on something and under enough stress, the Grimlock will break allowing you to escape potentially hazardous snags underwater
  • COLORS: Black or Gray

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Quite a bit smaller than anticipated but fits nicely on a BC without adding bulk or excess drag.

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Lightweight, locking clip for webbing straps

The Grimloc is a light plastic clip designed originally for military use on 1' MOLLE webbing straps. The military was looking for a fastening solution to mount items directly to the MOLLE webbing found on rucksacks, body armor, and load bearing vests. The army was interested in a solution that was strong enough to carry equipment that required quick access yet would 'break away' with a soldier's weight.

Often soldiers would mount lanyards directly to the MOLLE webbing, or to large metal Carabineers utilized in climbing. These methods would not allow for a quick break if the lanyard was snagged jumping and could result in serious injury to the soldier. The Grimloc would be able to break under stress allowing a soldier to quickly escape snags that would otherwise endanger him.

Now widely available to the public, Zeagle offers them as an accessory for the Rapid Diver system to attach items to the MOLLE webbing sewn onto the vest. You can attach items such as lights, reels, SMBs, and a variety of other items. As seen to the left the Grimloc is semi-permanently attached to the MOLLE webbing and the clip hinges open allowing you to attach your accessories. Under enough stress the Grimloc will break into pieces allowing you to escape potentially hazardous snags underwater.

The Grimloc is available in black, olive drab and tan.

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