Zeagle Lumbar Pad for Zeus / Zena 7275Z-9 004506

Mfg Part #: 7275Z-9

Zeagle Lumbar Pad for Zeus / Zena

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  • Makes the BC sit more comfortably on the lower back
  • Adds stability
  • Designed for the Zeus and Zena BCs
  • Fits most other Zeagle BCs as well

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Zeagle's approach to buoyancy systems is unlike that of any other manufacturer. We realize divers come in many shapes and sizes, and they do different types of diving in widely varying environments. We don't believe a limited range of models in fixed sizes can meet everyone's needs.

Zeagle BCs are systems of interchangeable components. They can be quickly and easily customized by your dealer to fit your individual needs.

Customizing your BC

Start by looking at our standard systems, locate the BC that has the basic features you need, and configure it to match your exact requirements.

Design, Lift and Weight Capacity

What is your diving environment? Lighter, more compact BC systems are an advantage in warm water diving and for travel, while diving in colder water or deep diving can demand much more lift and weight capacity.
What is your size, and what type of suit will you wear? Larger, heavier divers will need more lift and weight capacity, particulary if they wear a thick wetsuit or a drysuit.
Will you ever dive with twin cylinders? Twin cylinders require a heavier BC designed with a wider back, or a backplate system. Zeagle's heavy- duty BCs and backplate systems can all be used with both single and twin cylinders.
Will you dive in varied environments? Many divers travel from cold to warm water, or do both deep and recreational diving. Zeagle's component systems allow you to custom tailor your buoyancy systems features by switching components as you go from one diving environment to another.

Sizing Points to Remember

Fit in a buoyancy system, particularly a weight integrated system, is critical to the system's performance.
Typical 'generic' sizing can't provide a good fit for all divers. The vertical position of both buoyancy and weights on the diver is critical, particularly for rear flotation BCs. Both weights and buoyancy should be positioned low, as close as possible to your body's center of buoyancy. This will allow comfortable surface flotation and good balance underwater.
Torso length (shoulder to waist dimension) can vary a great deal, even for individuals of the same height. If you are either very short or long waisted in relation to your height or waist size, conventional 'generic' sizing may not give you a good fit. Zeagle's interchangeable components allow your dealer to fit waist size, torso length, and chest size independently, giving you a personally sized system.

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