Zeagle SS Backplate Deluxe Harness Assembly 519-BPDH-09 004290

Mfg Part #: 519-BPDH

Zeagle SS Backplate Deluxe Harness Assembly

Stainless Add $7.25
  • Backplate with mounts for single or twin tank bladder systems
  • Bladder lift capacities from 34 lb to 2 X 85 lb
  • Extended slot on plate makes aligning dual cylinder systems a snap
  • Two harness systems, standard webbing and Deluxe quick-release
  • Accepts many standard BC accessories
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Black anodized aluminum

Customer Reviews for Zeagle SS Backplate Deluxe Harness Assembly:

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Rating: Zeagle backplate
Reviewer: Donny
Strong aluminum plate and hardness but the cam band slot cant match all other name of wings slot if you dont want book screw or STA to fix the wing

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Rating: Backplate w/deluxe harness
Reviewer: Calvin Won  -  View all my reviews
Its a nice setup, but a lot of the adjustments are not necessary. I found myself adjusting it just once, and it seems to go on the same every time. You might as well save some money and just buy a backplate and a roll of webbing. Also, be aware that this plate does not come with a cylinder mount, cam bands, or a crotch strap (you NEED a crotch strap). The cylinder mount is around $80, the cam bands are $25 a piece. Make your own crotch strap out of webbing. Buying one will cost you around $15-$20..... all it is is 2" webbing with two clips and a D-ring. I wear the harness cross-ways. It seems to make it more comfortable and natural. To do that with this setup, simply unclip the harness from where the chest strap attaches and switch them around.... Very easy to do this with this setup.

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Rating: A quality piece
Reviewer: Mike Flood
This is a good start to a tech set up.

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Questions and Answers for Zeagle SS Backplate Deluxe Harness Assembly:

  • nick:

    "If you have a separate Zeagle wing they should be compatible." Should be is not the answer I was looking for. If I buy the Zeagle backplate and harness I need to know.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Zeagle has changed some of the wings so if you are using an older wing with a new back plate you might want to contact Zeagle directly for compatibility. http://www.zeagle.com/Contact-Us/

  • nick:

    I wanted to know if I could mount my Zeagle 44lb lift system to this backplate?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    If you have a separate Zeagle wing they should be compatible.

  • Jay:

    I have a 519-BPDH-09 Zeagle Deluxe Stainless Steel Backplate and harness. Im trying to find specs on the total weight of the plate and other metal parts to help calculate overall weight of my diving gear. Ive been told its 6lbs but I cant seem to find any specs backing this up. Thank you, Jay

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Jay, you can contact the manufacture on this at 813-782-5568. They would be able to help you in the weight calculations.

p/n 519-BPDH-09 Stainless Steel Backplate with Deluxe Harness
p/n 519-BPDHBA-09 Black Anodized Aluminum Backplate with Deluxe Harness (shown)
p/n 519-DH09 Deluxe Harness only

Many divers have come to appreciate the ruggedness, simplicity, and stability of metal backplates in a buoyancy system. Now you can have a range of backplate buoyancy options that take full advantage of Zeagle’s flexible sizing and wide range of bladder options.

This new harness features a simple threading pattern that allows for easy adjustments and is very easy to add D-rings and other accessories to the shoulder and waist straps. The upper shoulder straps are connected by a swiveling 2' side release that adjusts to the divers body shape to eliminate binding and restriction of movement at the chest and underarm areas. The Shoulders can either to run straight or crossed in the back depending on the divers size and or diving preferences. The double adjusting chest strap, stainless steel waist buckle and four 2' D-rings are included. This is truly one of the most comfortable and flexible technical style harness's available.

Zeagle’s backplate systems come with a choice of standard webbing or deluxe harness styles, and can use any of Zeagle’s existing single or twin tank bladder assemblies, ranging from a streamlined 34 lbs lift all the way up to the dual 85 lb bladder “Big Bertha”. Combined with the options for single or twin tank mounting, crotch straps, shoulder pads, and other accessories, this means you can have a custom configured BC system for the price of a stock BC!

For the technically minded, the backplate has mounting provisions for other accessories such as lights and sling bottles, and scooter rings on the crotch straps.

Backplates available in:
Stainless Steel: 519-BP01S
Anodized Aluminum: 519-BP01BA

Standard Features:
Four Stainless Steel D-rings
Can be used with any Zeagle single or twin tank bladder system
Bladder lift capacities from 34 lb to 2 X 85 lb!
Extended slot on plate makes aligning dual cylinder systems a snap!
Accepts most standard Zeagle BC accessories
Zeagle Quality and guarantee
Backplate BC Assembly with Deluxe Harness Includes:

Deluxe Harness
Quick Release buckles on shoulders
Adjustable Sternum Strap
Partial list of available options:

Single Cylinder mounting kit
Optional Ripcord or Zip-Touch weight systems
Twin Cylinder bands
Back Pad
Shoulder pads
1' or 2' crotch strap
Shoulder pads

What about construction and warranty?
All Zeagle Buoyancy Systems are hand sewn from the best available materials and heavily reinforced at all stress points. Our style of construction is labor intensive and expensive, but it results in a more durable, better fitting BC. Individual components of the system are replaceable or repairable if damaged. This quality of construction makes it possible for us to offer a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. If a defect appears or the system fails at any time while you own it, Zeagle will repair or replace the system free of charge.

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