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Video: Atomic-SS1-Scuba-Octo

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Atomic SS1 Octo

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Atomic SS1 OctoCustomer reviews


"Scuba Lab Testers Choice!"


And the reviews are in:
"No doubt about it. Atomic has raised the bar with the SS1, creating the first safe second that really could be compared to a high-performance primary. And the best news - it will fit on most any brand of BC, thanks to a unique adapter device." - Sport Diver magazine

"The SS1 breathes better than many primary use regulators and generated the best overall simulator performance among the integrated inflator/regs...and earned the highest ergonomic scores of all the units we tested" - Scubalab


Titanium Add $125.00

Ideations Dive Alert Plus V.2 Type III $76.50

Atomic Deluxe Regulator Bag $71.50

Angled Hose Adapter for Seaquest BCs $14.78


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Jacket/Vest Style BC  |  Back Inflation BC  |  BC For Women
BC Accessories  |  Technical BC

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