Akona 3mm Quantum Stretch Womens Wetsuit AKWS219-05 150780

Mfg Part #: AKWS219

Akona 3mm Quantum Stretch Womens Wetsuit



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Questions and Answers for Akona 3mm Quantum Stretch Womens Wetsuit:

  • Trever:

    Im deciding between Quantum Stretch and Akonas other 3mm wetsuit. On Akonas website, the other (less expensive) 3mm wetsuit mentions "Glued and blind stitched inside and out", while the Quantum Stretch only mentions "Glued and blind stitched". Does that mean the seams of Quantum Stretch is only "Glued and blind stitched" on one side only?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    It's all marketing. Gluing and Blind Stitching are normal methods of building a wetsuit. It keeps the suit from tearing and coming apart at the seams when being worn and over time/use. It also helps control the amount of water that flushes through the suit. Basically, if they aren't all put together exactly the same, it tends to be over kill. And any extra work or materials put into a suit will equate directly into it's cost. You won't be disappointed in either choice.

  • Stephane:

    what is the difference between the 2011 and 2012? is it me or you advertise the 2012 as having glideskin on the ankle and wrist and its not there this year?

    Clarke  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Stephane, Thank you for your inquiry! Akona did make a few changes to the 3mm Quantum Stretch Jumpsuit / Wetsuit. They reduced the anti-skid material on the shoulders and back designed to grip the buoyancy compensator and reduce shifting, where it was moved up around the neck. They also reduced the price a bit for 2012. http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-43/150780/Akona-3mm-Quantum-Stretch-Jumpsuit---Wetsuit-New-for-2012.html If you would like to place an order or have questions about our products, please contact one of our certified Dive Instructors at SCUBA.com by calling800-247-2822 <> 949-221-9300or e-mail us at: info@scuba.com

  • Jon:

    Im looking for the current Akona Quantum stretch mens 3mm model. A lot of other websites have the AKMS209. Is this the AKMS219 model?

    Elliott  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Jon, This is the AKMS209 model.

  • Ron:

    Akona is advertising free butties and gloves with their wet suits this month. Are you offering it too? I dont see it offered here. I want to get the full length 3mm XXL suit for men

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    For information such as this please contact our instructors at info@scuba.com

  • Jennifer:

    I am in my seventies and quite skinny. I also have slight arthritis in my neck and I feel the cold. I am after a wetsuit for snorkeling that will be as easy as possible to put on and be comfortable and will also keep me warm in water round 75 degrees. Any suggestions? Thank you Jennifer

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Jennifer , fist I would suggest getting a hood with your wetsuit to help keep your neck as warm as you can. So if you get this suit with a thin hood that would help keep your body warmer when you are snorkeling.

  • Cornell:

    hi. the design of the suit looks a little different from the picture on the akona websitethe writing is in red, and the knee pads look different. is this suit suppose to be the same?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Cornell, yes you are correct. we still have last years model picture on our site. We are having our IT dept changing it to the correct, but these are the current model of the Quantum suit.

ADULT WETSUITS: 3mm Quantum Stretch Full Suit


The unique characteristics of the nylon weave combined with the super lightweight neoprene rubber allows our Quantum Stretch suits extraordinary flexibility and stretch capabilities. Standard neoprene wetsuits stretch one way but not the other. This is a limitation of the laminated nylon material necessary to construct a durable wetsuit.
Through years of research and engineering, our neoprene experts have developed a four-way stretch nylon weave capable of withstanding the harsh
elements of diving. The closely guarded, unique lamination process and a strategically designed pattern matched with lightweight, limestone based
neoprene is the science behind AKONA Quantum Stretch wetsuits. The most comfortable and best fitting wetsuits in their class.

• Textured shoulders.
• Glued and blind stitched seams.
• Large, durable YKK #10 brass zipper.
• Reinforced, laminated knee pads.

Sizing Men: SM, MD, ML, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
Sizing Women: 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16

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