Pinnacle 3mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit WS47MBK12 149809

Mfg Part #: WS47MBK
  • 3mm throughout the main body
  • 100% Elastiprene (Super-Stretch) stretches up to 200% more than standard neoprene
  • Merino lining increases warmth without increasing bulk or buoyancy
  • Merino promotes quick drying to help reduce odors
  • Molded Anti-skid rubber shoulder pads designed to grip the buoyancy compensator, reduce shifting and reduce wear from your bcd straps
  • Multi-panel rubber knee pads provide exceptional grip and durability
  • Wrist, ankle, and neck seals helps keep cold out
  • Back Zip with Leash (pull cord)
  • 8” ankle zippers seals make donning and doffing easier
  • 10mm Spine pad to keep the chill out

Customer Reviews for Pinnacle 3mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit:

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Rating: Pinnacle 3mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit Review - Scuba Gear Reviews
Reviewer: Philipp .
Basically Im happy with the suit. I should have a large tall which was not available on the net to order so I ordered a normal tall which is a tick to short. But because it is so stretchy I didnt have problems to fit. Getting in however, especially on legs and arms is the hard part. Having underwear like rash guard or similar (panty hose if you fancy) certainly helps. On the legs, the rubber was grabbing on my foot so firmly that eventually a glued edge/seam burst/teared open. Thats why I give a 4. I sewed and glued it and now it is fine. Once in the water, there was no obstacle and the fact that it is very tight on ankle, wrist and neck keeps you warm. I would buy it again, but this time I would try to get the special size.

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Rating: Pinnacle 3mm Tempo Merino Wetsuit
Reviewer: Mr T.  -  View all my reviews
Have found the Tempo Merino wetsuit quite comfortable and flexible with its super-stretch material. I look forward to making good use of it during summer and on warm water tropical dives.

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Rating: Pinnacle 3mm Tempo Merino
Reviewer: Enrique Noriega Spinola c/o RL Jones  -  View all my reviews

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Rating: wet suit
Reviewer: Joanne Martin  -  View all my reviews

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Questions and Answers for Pinnacle 3mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit:

  • Angela:

    hello, which wetsuitallows the most movement for swiming in around 50 degree water.probably dosent have tobe for colder water because swiming makes you warm anyways. I would just like mre arm freedom in arm movement

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Any wetsuit using the super-stretch style of neoprene will do the trick! The Pinnacle suits would be a very good choice. m

  • Albert:

    With the Merino wool liner, would you say this wetsuit is cooler, warmer, or just the same as other 3mm wetsuits?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Albert, this suit will be a warmer suit. The liner of the suit will help reflect the heat back to your body better then a standard liner.

  • Mike:

    Sir: This suit looks an excellent buy,but I am 58and 1/2,188 lbs,44/37 and with 29 inseam. How well will this Pinnacle fit? I have a scubapro 5mm and hate a back zip. Will this 3mm be easier to don?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    3mm is 3mm and they are all pretty equal to get on and off. The Large Shorts seems to be the closest size to fit you.

  • Aniekan:

    Please can I get the converted weights for this item, because the one given on your sizing chart not quite understandable.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Unfortunately all the information provided us by the manufacturer is listed with the item.

  • Dave:

    Looking at the Pinnacle 3mm Tempo Merino wetsuit. Im 55" and weigh 140 lbs. Will I fit into a small or do I need a medium?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Dave, when you are sizing a wet suit or dive skin the two most important measurements are your chest/bust and waist. Height is a secondary measurement and weight is the last measurement you would take into account

  • Betty:

    i want this in med large short but there is no option in the down.

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, this suit is available in that size. Here is our SKU for that size suit 149811

  • Betty:

    SO, you say that the Med Large short womens is SKU 149811 ... however I still see no way to order that.

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, this suit only comes in men''s sizes.

Incorporating our patented Merino™ lining and high stretch elastiprene materials providing the ultimate in warmth and comfort

Male Tempo available in 3mm, 5mm or 7mm

• A choice of 3mm, 5mm or 7mm thicknesses
• Pinnacle's patented Merino™ lining system adds up to 35% insulating power
• Merino™ dries quickly, helps the suit slide on, and is odor-resistant
• Next generation Elastiprene titanium lined neoprene throughout the wetsuit
is even stretchier and more flexible than the original Elastiprene wetsuits
• Rear zipper is equipped with a 10mm spine flap and smoothskin seal to
provide spine protection and reduce internal water movement
• Pinnacle Defense System (PDS) prevents zipper from biting into the
spine pad
• Main zipper is equipped with long pull leash and Velcro tie down
• 8' ankle zipper seals make donning and doffing easier, yet seal water out
• Smoothskin chimney ankle and O-ring wrist seals create effective
barriers to water entry; trapping body-heated water inside the suit, keeping
the diver warm
• Roll neck collar with newly redesigned neck closure and smoothskin seal
provides a better water barrier and increased comfort
• Molded rubber shoulder pads hold BC in place, pad the diver's shoulders,
and prevent suit wear

Siren (female version) available in 3mm, 5mm or 7mm
• Innovative multi-panel rubber knee pads protect the diver and the suit
• Double-glued and blind stitched construction
• Stress disks applied at all internal seam intersections for added strength
• 13 Male and 10 Female sizes
• New brighter, livelier color patterns that are unique to each gender


Merino™ is exothermic, meaning that it releases a measurable amount of heat as it draws water across its fibers. It is almost as though the suit were equipped with its own heat generating source. Merino™ offers other benefits to divers as well. In addition to the added warmth created by the lining, it is more comfortable and helps to reduce odors. Merino’s™ super soft
composition and incredibly fine fibers not only eliminate the itch often felt with other wools, but they actually help to reduce the rashes often experienced in high-action areas, such as under the arm and behind the knee. Additionally, because Merino™ creates very little surface friction, it allows a suit to slide on easier than any other that you’ve ever tried, particularly when wet. Merino’s™ excellent moisture absorption properties and uneven surface structure prevent the build-up of bacteria, whereas bacteria thrive on the exposed flat surfaces of synthetics. Many odors and infections that affect divers are borne of bacteria. Merino™ protected suits tend to stay fresher smelling, especially on dive trips, when thorough washing may be infrequent. It is far more resistant to abrasion and “Velcro-attack” while also reducing the ability for soil particles to stick to your suit’s lining. Merino™ dries faster than traditional wetsuit linings, so after-dive care is easier than ever.

Merino™ is the ideal wetsuit lining for so many reasons. It has been scientifically proven to be far more efficient than traditional linings; and it is softer, more comfortable, and it slides on easier than standard wetsuits. It is exothermic upon wetting, faster drying, and more hygienic than other suits. It is a wholesome renewable resource. But the real beauty of slipping into a Merino™ lined wetsuit is the beauty of nature herself.
It just feels right.

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