Deep See 3mm High Value Wetsuit. D833803 056416

Mfg Part #: D833803
  • Flexible molded rubber knee pads provide exceptional grip and durability
  • Back Zip with Leash (pull cord)
  • Anti-skid Skin-out material on the chest with embossed logo designed to grip the buoyancy compensator and reduce shifting

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  • Lisa:

    Hello! I am a certified diver in Kentucky and do mostly quarry diving. I own all my own gear with the exception of a wetsuit. I am a female, 53" and current weight is 220. I have been renting a ScubaPro Mens XL 3MM every time we go diving (fit is fine other than too long in the legs and arms)and if I need extra warmth I also rent a shorty. I am trying to determine if the Womens size 15/16 would fit or if the Mens XL or 2XL would be better. Deep See 3mm High Value Wetsuit Thank you for your time.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The waist and chest are the most important measurements for the fit with a wetsuit. Height usually will work even if it is one to two inches short or tall. Weight will depend on the divers body build and is the last measurement to consider.

Deep See 3mm High Value Wetsuit

Model Number D833803

For water temperatures from 75 to 85 degrees, a Deep See warm water wetsuit is ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, or any water-based activity. A wetsuit designed for warm water is usually ½ millimeter to 3 millimeters in thickness, or about an eighth of an inch. The advantage of a full wetsuit over a shorty wetsuit is the increased surface area, which is far better protection when encountering the stinging tendrils of a jellyfish. Not only that, but the extra material on your arms and legs also keeps you better protected from sunburn and the cold, which will allow you stay in the water even longer.

Warm water wetsuits are ideal for diving in locations like Florida, Texas, Cozumel, Bonaire, the Cayman Islands, Belize, Hawaii, the Sea of Cortez, the Northern Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, Sipidan, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti, the Seychelles, the Mediterranean, and any warm waters throughout the world. If it’s a cooler time of year, it may be a good idea to add a beanie, hood, or vest for additional warmth.

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