Ocean Quest 5mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Wetsuit 39VI-01-S 150167

Mfg Part #: 39VI-01

Ocean Quest 5mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Wetsuit

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  • Premium super-stretch will stretch 250% more than standard neoprene
  • 4 way-stretch Titanium material for superior warmth and comfort
  • Pre-bent arms and knees
  • Entire suit double glued and blind stitched inside and out
  • Adjustable velcro collar - helps keep cold out
  • Non-magnetic #10 YKK zipper
  • Back zip with leash (pull cord)
  • Can be worn comfortably by multiple persons with different body types
  • Flexible molded rubber knee pads provide exceptional grip and durability
  • COLORS: Black with Midnight Blue accents
  • MEN'S SIZES: Small through 3XLarge
  • WOMENS SIZES: Small through 2XLarge

Customer Reviews for Ocean Quest 5mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Wetsuit:

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Average Customer Review: based on 4 reviews.

Rating: Great wetsuit at a bargain price
Reviewer: Alex O.  -  View all my reviews
I have used the 3mm Ocean Quest for several years but needed a 5mm for some cooler water diving. Used if for 12 dives last week and was very happy with the performance. Stretches great for a 5mm after a few break-in dives and the 5mm was great insulation. Would definitely recommend this wetsuit.

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Rating: Ocean Quest 5mm Wetsuit
Reviewer: Stephen M.  -  View all my reviews
This wetsuit is a great product for the money. I do not like the velcro at the top of the wetsuit, it grabs ahold of the neoprene a lot and starts ripping the suit. I can feel the quality difference in the material between Ocean Quest and Aqualung wetsuits, but then again Aqualung is significantly more expensive. Overall this is an excellent economical wetsuit with semi-good quality.

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19 out of 30 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Ocean Quest 5mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Wetsuit Review - $139.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Xinyan Zhang HUAPE  -  View all my reviews
Actually it fits well and it is good looking, I like it.

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3 out of 4 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Big difference over a 3mm wetsuit
Reviewer: Alan S.  -  View all my reviews
Not long after being chilled in my 3mm wetsuit did I don on this nice fitting suit. Chills went away and the video stabilized. A little extra chore in getting into and out of but well worth it.

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12 out of 20 people found this review helpful.

Questions and Answers for Ocean Quest 5mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Wetsuit:

  • Mark:

    I weigh 180and am 5 foot 9 inches tall, what size of wetsuit do you recommend?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    The waist and chest are the most important measurements for the fit with a wetsuit. Height usually will work even if it is one to two inches short or tall. Weight will depend on the divers body build and is the last measurement to consider.

  • Derek:

    If I buys a wetsuit and it done not fit, can I return it for a different size? Thanks

    Aaron  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Here is a link that explains out returns policy. http://www.scuba.com/ads/shipping.asp#return

  • adam:

    is this ocean quest 5 mm premium superstetch used for surfing ? can it be used for surfing and will it be hard to use. I am need for a wetsuit but this price is great

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Adam, yes you can use this for any type of water action. Because of the super-stretch material you will have greater flexibility in your arms and legs for surfing.

  • Rocio:

    What size you recommend for women 139 pounds and 5 feet 5 3/4 inches

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    The most important measurements any time you purchase a wetsuit using the manufacturer''s sizing charts will always be your waist and chest/bust measurements. The suit needs to fit your torso correctly in order to do its job properly. Keep in mind there is no such thing as a comfortable wetsuit on the surface. You want it to be snug, but not cut off circulation to your extremities. The more snug it is, the thinner the layer of water your body is heating. If its too loose you will remain warm for awhile, but eventually your body won''t be able to keep up with the greater amount of water flowing through the suit and you''ll wind up getting cold faster. After that your height is a secondary measurement. The manufacturers realize that generally speaking your boots and gloves can overlap slightly short arms and legs, or the diver can push or roll up longer sleeves and/or arms if need be. Weight is a measurement the diver can usually ignore. It really has little to no bearing what so ever on the sizing and fit of your suit. The manufacturers do not take into account muscle being more dense than fat, so based simply on fitness levels 2 people can be the exact same size but quite different in weight. This measurement should only be used if the person is literally on the fence between 2 sizes in all categories.

Three things that are important to scuba divers when they purchase a wetsuit are warmth, comfort and value. The Ocean Quest Premium Super-Stretch Wetsuit covers all three. Constructed from 4-way stretch, Titanium neoprene this suit offers up to 250% more elasticity than a suit made with standard neoprene. What this means for the diver is a wetsuit that conforms to the contour of the body better, especially if you happen to not be the perfect “off the rack” fit in sizing. The suit is double glued and blind stitched inside and out for durability and features pre-bent arms and knees, molded, flexible knee pads, a non-magnetic YKK #10 zipper with a long, easy to reach pull leash. Offered in the color Black with Blue trim and available for men in sizes Small through 3XLarge and women in sizes XSmall through 2XLarge, this is one suit that should never be overlooked. It was designed specifically for the diver desiring high quality materials, the superior workmanship found in suits twice its price.

Ocean Quest Premium Super-stretch Titanium Jumpsuits

The Ocean Quest Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Jumpsuit is designed for all types of mining and dredging activities. It is designed to offer the best possible combination of fit and flexibility using premium, 4 way-stretch, Titanium neoprene, double glued and blind stitched inside and out for superior warmth and comfort. The Titanium material within the neoprene reflects the heat trapped in the suit back at the user more efficiently and doesn’t allow as much warmth to escape allowing the user’s body to remain warm with less effort. The Super-Stretch neoprene stretches up to 250% more than standard neoprene giving the miner a custom-like fit at a fraction of the price of a custom wetsuit. This type of neoprene is ideal for the miner who is moving, bending, kneeling and working in the stream or river as the superior flexibility in the material is far less restricting and uncomfortable than standard neoprene.

Featuring pre-bent arms and legs for added comfort, and an adjustable Velcro collar to help keep the cold out, this suit can be worn comfortably by multiple people with different body types. Equipped with a long leash to enable one person to easily zip their suit and flexible molded rubber knee pads to provide exceptional grip and durability, this suit is built to last its owner for years to come. Available in 3/2mm, 5mm and 7mm in sizes Men’s Small through 3XL

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