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Mfg Part #: 734375

Aqua Lung Impulse 3 Non-Flex Semi-Dry Snorkel

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Questions and Answers for Aqua Lung Impulse 3 Non-Flex Semi-Dry Snorkel:

  • Sally:

    Why is the Aqua Lung Impuse 3 non flex semi dry snorkel the only one to say "recommended for snorkelers" versus your other two models of Aqua Lung snorkels? Thank you. Sally

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Either a flex or non flex can be used for snorkeling. The flex allows the mouth piece drop out of the way when you take it out of the mouth. Because snorkelers keep the mouth piece in most of the time the non-flex seems to work better.

  • jeff:

    can I replace the purge valve on my impulse 3 snorkel and where can I purchase it?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    We do not carry this type of item. You might want to contact the manufacturer directly.

  • Matt:

    Is that a red or an orange snorkel in the middle? Thanks

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Here are the colors this snorkel is available in: Black/Orange Blue Silver Black/Neon Yellow Neon Yellow Transparent Blue Black/Pink Black/Twilight

The Impulse Snorkel continues to be the snorkel of choice for divers all around the world. Its popularity is due to the highly efficient upper valve system, which guides excess water away from the main airway preventing water from reaching the mouthpiece. The Impulse 3 is an improved, more streamlined version of the original!

Since Aqua Lung introduced the first patented IMPULSE snorkel in 1989, it consistently has been the best selling snorkel in the world. Today, after continued refinement and evolution, the Impulse 3 is more streamlined and produces a higher performance than its predecessors, the Impulse and Impulse 2.

To provide the driest breathing snorkel possible, the Impulse 3 uses a two-valve system. If a wave breaks over the snorkel, the PATENTED, upper, ANNULAR VALVE directs most of the water out before it even reaches the mouthpiece. Any water that does get past the annular valve usually drains out the lower valve.

The reservoir located below the mouthpiece keeps breathing path clear of excess water.

In the rare event that you need to clear the Impulse 3 Snorkel, almost no breath is needed. All it takes is an easy puff.

The unique design of the Impulse 3 snorkel, with its large bore, delivers extremely low breathing resistance while the body of the snorkel creates little drag.

Available in a FLEX version that allows the patented Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece to drop out of the way while switching from snorkel to SCUBA.

The non-flex version has a swivel design that allows optimal mouthpiece positioning.

Patented Comfo-bite mouthpieces, which eliminate jaw fatigue, are replaceable and an optional, smaller size is available

Removable keeper allows easy attachment or removal of the mask.

Available for shipment to U.S. zip codes only

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