Apollo Prestige Stowable Semi-Dry Snorkel 160-11-80-000 039285

Mfg Part #: 160-11-80-000

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Rating: Great dive snorkel
Reviewer: Kristian B.  -  View all my reviews
I was really impressed with the stowability of the snorkel, and because of the contour design it is the first snorkel I have not minded wearing while diving.

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Rating: Good Pocket Snorkel.
Reviewer: Mark Taylor
This snorkel is a good compromise for a pocket snorkel. It folds reasonably small and yet is still reasonably dry. The Sherwood Avid folds smaller, but is too wet to be usable.

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MFG 160-11-80-000

Prestige Stowable Semi-Dry Snorkel


Continuous tube construction
Effortlessly folds for easy storage
Louvered cap
Flexible polyurethane tuber bends easily to store in a BC pocket while diving; stowed length is 7'
Ergonomically engineered silicone mouthpiece
Pivoting snorkel holder
Hinged quick release fastener provides easy attachment and detachment from mask
Integrated stops prevent excess movement
Top-fixed exhaust valve for effortless clearing

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