Oceanic Response Snorkel 07.1506.10 039095

Mfg Part #: 07.1506.07

Oceanic Response Snorkel

  • Efficient dual exhaust valves for easy clearing
  • Self-venting purge valve
  • Standard Replaceable Silicone mouthpiece included (Optional: Small mouthpiece available see below to order)
  • Snorkel retainer included
  • COLORS: Clear, Black, Blue, Ice Blue or Yellow

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Rating: Hotlobstermam
Reviewer: Eric Graves  -  View all my reviews
Works very well and the price was very reasonable.

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  • Mark:

    Hi, Im going to Hawaii in a few weeks and need some snorkeling gear. Snorkel, mask and fins. What do you suggest? I can afford good stuff. Thanks, Mark

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    It's near impossible to say from here. This is a product feature/use database. For more exact assistance please contact our instructors at info@scuba.com


A breath of fresh air. The Response Snorkel has a dual exhaust and a self-venting purge valve, which lets you clear the snorkel with just a puff of air.

Efficient dual exhaust valves for easy clearing
Drop away flex mouthpiece
Replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece


Allows you to breathe while on the surface without lifting your head out of the water.


Position the snorkel on the outside of the mask strap so it will be just forward of your left ear. Carefully lift the tab located at the bottom of the keeper slightly away from the barrel of the snorkel, and slide the keeper down over the mask strap and release the tab.


To hold the snorkel in your mouth, gently bite on the mouthpiece tabs and keep your lips sealed around the mouthpiece. While snorkeling, keep your chin slightly up so the top of the snorkel stays out of the water. Water that does enter when you dive underwater or encounter a wave can be removed by exhaling a sharp blast of air into the mouthpiece. Use caution when inhaling in case some of the water is not removed. Repeat as necessary.

If water enters more frequently than normal, ensure that the snorkel is positioned properly on the mask strap, make sure that your mouth is sealed around the mouthpiece, and make sure that the end of the snorkel is out of the water while you are swimming. Also check to ensure that there are no holes or cuts in the mouthpiece, and that the round silicone purge valve located in the bottom of the barrel is not distorted or missing and is sealing the opening.

Care & Maintenance

At the end of each day of use, rinse your snorkel thoroughly in fresh water and towel dry. Do not allow the clear silicone portions of the snorkel to come in contact with items that are black rubber. This will cause the clear silicone to become discolored. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat. Ensure that the snorkel is completely dry before storing. Store in a cool, dry location.

Not available for shipment to Australia

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