Apollo 1/2 Inch Bio-Filter Moisture System 112-02-10-012 034083

Mfg Part #: 112-02-10-012
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  • Reduces dry throat and cotton mouth by providing you with clean, moist air
  • How does the tank air become re-humidified? - for more details, click here!
  • Natural Atmosphere 30 to 70% humidity natural, Clean Air - for more details, click here!
  • Produces negative ions of oxygen that refresh, invigorate and increase alertness to improve diving performance
  • Nitrox compatible to 40% (the recreational limits of nitrox)
  • New one-way fill valve for quick and easy wick refills between dives
  • Lower incidence of post diver headaches
  • Allen wrench and removal tool included
  • Easier to equalize
  • Charcoal Filter removes trace particles of dust, rust, and odor
  • Simply attach to your regulator hose and add distilled water
  • Moisturizing Wick Humidifies dry tank air to normal breathing levels
  • Artificial Atmosphere 0.1% humidity Extremely Dry Tank Air
  • Works with current Beuchat VX10 and older style U.S. Divers (1/2 Inch) or older style Dacor (1/2 Inch) regulators


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The bio filter,has worked great. No more dry mouth & headaches after the dive. Its also very easy to assemble.

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DEHYDRYATIONis a problem for many divers.
It effects how you feel before, during and after each dive. The
air you breathe on land has the moisture your body needs to
function properly. Tank air lacks humidity. The level is less
than 0.1% which is great for the tank but not for you. Lack of
humidity in tank air can wreak havoc on your body.

It can cause even the most prepared diver to become dehydrated.
Dry throat and cotton mouth are obvious indications that your
body isn’t getting what it needs. The lack of moisture can
adversely eect your entire sytem. Smart divers drink plenty of
water to keep hydrated. This of course is a helpful habit, but it
doesn’t really solve problems inherent to breathing dry tank air

Bio-filter moisture
& air filtration system
Compatibility for use with any brand
regulator, ok for Nitrox up to EAN level 40
Sizes 3/8” & 1/2“ check regulator manual,
Diameter 1.26” Length 4.4 - 5.1”
Weight 3/8“ 3.6 oz | 1/2” 4 oz
Temp Rating 45ºF+ water temperature
Material Aluminumbody, brass connector
Installation level Easy - moderate, tools
hex (included) and crescent wrench. User
manual available for download.
Charcoal filter included (2), optional use
suggested replacement: 50 dives
Moisture Wick Included (1), high density
foam, suggested replacement: annual
One Way Fill Valve exterior refill valve to
resaturate moisture wick in between dives
Fill Bottle (1) holds 2 - 3 refills
Extras hex wrench and cap clamp tool
Maintenance wicks, filters, most orings user
changeable as needed, schematics online

The force used to create humidity also produces
negative electrons, these attach to oxygen molecules
to become negative ions of oxygen. 7000-8000 pcs/cc
of negative ions are generated by the bio-lter with each
breath. A quantity similar to that produced by waterfalls.
Negative ions refresh, invigorate, and increase alertness
to improve diving pleasure and performance.

The bio-lter moisture system contains
wick for diver to saturate with distilled
water before each dive. As air passes
through the ow tube; small openings
on the side create a vacuum to draw
moisture from wick and into air stream
Throughout dive, the air you breathe
has a more natural and refreshing
humidity level of 40-70%.
In addition to being bone dry, tank
air can contain particles of dust, rust,
and oil residue. The bio-lter also
accommodates an activated charcoal
lter. See Bio-micro clean air system,
page X, for full story.

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