Apollo Bio-Micro Air Filtration System 112-02-20-038 034014

Mfg Part #: 112-02-20-038
  • Free 2 charcoal filters included
  • Charcoal Filter removes trace particles of dust, rust and odor
  • Simply attaches to your regulator hose
  • Impact absorbing mechanism protects from damage
  • Fits all regulators in current production(except Beuchat VX10 primary hose)

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Rating: Dont breath in rust & Dirt !!!
Reviewer: Guy M.  -  View all my reviews
I bought this version of the Apollo filter for my Octo I have the larger one with the wick for my Primary Reg. After a vacation in Central America I noticed a rusty dirty area on the filter. I changed the filters and thought that could be in my regs or worse in my lungs. ( BUY A BACKUP SET OF FILTERS ) You can not trust anyone these days with your health and safety ....Yes a trusted dive shop with YOUR tanks the air is usually safe but is that going to be the case on your next dive vacation?

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Questions and Answers for Apollo Bio-Micro Air Filtration System:

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a tank? When air is compressed into a tank, small amounts become
liqueed and settle in the cylinder. salt, water, rust, silicon residue,
and aluminum oxide can form inside the tank along with oil and
carbon dust. It is very likely that air coming from any tank will
contain at least some small amount of odors ad impurities
associated with these type of contaminants. This can be harmful to your body. This photo shows the inside of
an air tank randomly chosen from a rental facility. The electrostatic
lter has been discolored by contaminants.

air filtration system
Compatibility for use with any brand
regulator, ok for Nitrox up to EAN level 40
Sizes 3/8” & 1/2“ check regulator manual,
most common primary LP port size is 3/8”
Diameter 1.26” Length 2.4 - 2.9”
Weight 3/8“ oz | 1/2”
Material Aluminum body, brass connector
Patented impact absorbing mechanism
protects gear from incidental damage
Installation level Easy - moderate, tools
hex (included) and crescent wrench. User
manual available for download.
Filter access cap is hand tight, simply
unscrew, install filter, close and retighten
Charcoal filter included (2), suggested
replacement: 50 dives
Extras hex wrench and cap clamp tools
Maintenance schematics online, user can
easily change filters, most orings as needed
Parts & Spares parts and spares for both
Bio-micro and Bio-filter systems available
for individual purhcase
FAQ How do the Bio-micro and Bio-filter
differ? Bio-micro is clean air only, the
Bio-filter is clean air and moisture.

Apollo patented the rst clean air and
moisture systems in 1974. Originally
designed as a built in feature for own
own regulators, demand eventually led
to the design of units compatible with
just about any regulator. Bio-micro
housing accommodates our specially
designed charcoal lter. With each
breath, the medically approved 2-in-1
electrostatic and activated carbon
lter removes odors and contaminants
from you air supply.

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