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Sherwood Wisdom Regulator Mouthpiece

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Customer Reviews for Sherwood Wisdom Regulator Mouthpiece:

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Rating: Spare mouth piece
Reviewer: Doug T.,  - View all my reviews
I like a comfort fit mouthpiece and I have this one on my reg right now. Ive also noticed they dont last too long sometimes so i thought a spare in the dry box would be a good idea. Its in a dry plastic bag and will fit any reg. Its good to have spares! And this one is a great price.

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Rating: Sherwood Maximus 2nd stage mouthpiece
Reviewer: Douglas L.,
Great communication and product was a exact factory fit. The real deal @ a super price. DPL

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Rating: Extended bite wing mouthpiece means less jaw fatigue
Reviewer: Clarence S.,  - View all my reviews
I buy these Sherwood Wisdom Mouthpieces because they have an extended bite wing. I dive freqently and get jaw fatigue and TMJ from normal mouthpieces. The extended bite wing on these mouthpieces mean you dont have to bite as hard to hold the regulator in your mouth. If you have this problem, and dont want to buy a Sea Cure mouthpiece because it is too expensive, or you need a mouthpiece that fits more than 1 person, these are the best bet. Note: this mouthpiece has a "top" and "bottom". If you have an underbite, you will want to install the mouthpiece upside-down.

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Rating: My favorite (only) mouthpiece!
Reviewer: William Smith,
While it doesnt last as long as other stronger, more rugged mouthpieces, its very comfortable, and doesnt lead to jaw fatigue. I put a new one on about once a year, but at $8, thats not a major Scuba expense.

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Reviewer: Michael Smith,   
The mouth piece on Sherwoods SR1 regulator is very uncomfortable. The wisdom solved the problem for me at a great price.

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72 out of 190 people found this review helpful.

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