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Mfg Part Number :
MCG111 2 oz tube
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Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease

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  • Compatiable with pure and high oxygen gas mixtures
  • For service with all Nitrox and O2 equipment
  • SIZE: 2 oz

 2 oz

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Customer Reviews for Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease:

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Average Customer Review: based on 6 reviews.

Rating: Should be in every divers kit
Reviewer: Carl C Ibsen,  - View all my reviews
Very useful when changing fittings and hose o-rings, such as when you switch gauges or dry suit hoses between regulators. Proper lubrication and oxygen compatible for virtually any part of your kit that needs lubrication. It seems a bit pricey but you get what you pay for, and it is worth it. CC Ibsen

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Rating: Perfect Lube...a must for a save-a-dive kit!
Reviewer: Marc StClair,  - View all my reviews
Small 2 ounce tube size container of the recommended MCG111 part number lube for equipment being used with higher mixtures of oxygen (Nitrox) or technical diving air mixtures. A very small amount goes a long way for lubricating O-rings, gaskets, and seals. This stuff is 100 times better than regular silicone because it lasts longer and does not break down with heat or the climate. Plus, silicone is NOT recommended on diving equipment that uses higher percentage of oxygen mixtures. Silicone and higher mixtures of oxygen when combined can present real hazards. I purchased this product when I had to replace O-rings in my regulator hoses, dive computer quick disconnects, and other miscellaneous uses. The small tube fits easily into any save-a-dive kit. Use this product sparingly, it does the trick. Every diver should have this product in their save-a-dive kit. Scuba.com delivered this product in 3 days and it works great, no problems whatsoever. My local dive shop does not carry this product, Scuba.com is the only internet vendor that I found who carries this product. Way to go Scuba.com!

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Rating: Good Lube!
Reviewer: Antti K.,
Convenient size package of the recommended lube for gear with oxygen rich mixtures. Product was as advertised, prompt delivery. Youll know if you need this, so you might as well get it while shopping at scuba.com!

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Rating: Better and safer then silicone
Reviewer: Andrzej Kruczkowski,   
The must for EANx divers. Especially when in good price :)

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Rating: Expensive
Reviewer: Thomas S.,  - View all my reviews
The price on this stuff kills me, but not dying is priceless.

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Rating: Good Stuff
Reviewer: MARK T.,
Expensive, but a must for your scuba kit.

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421 out of 881 people found this review helpful.

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