ScubaPro MK11 / C200 Regulator 12.903.000 033330

Mfg Part #: 12.903.000

Sport Diver's Editor's Pick

  • Balanced 1st stage
  • Nitrox compatible to 40% (the recreational limits of nitrox)
  • "Diver Adjustable" venturi to prevent unwanted free-flow

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An extremely reliable and durable system with «all rounder» capabilities in temperate and warm waters. Ideal for beginners travelling to various diving locations.

MK11 First Stage

Technical Information
MK11 First Stage
Balanced diaphragm
Chrome plated brass body
Cold water: Anti-Freeze protection & Dry chamber
Externally adjustable intermediate pressure
Low pressure ports: 4 (2 HFP)
High pressure ports: 2
Tank connection: INT 230 bar / DIN 300 bar
Weight: : INT 230 692g / 24.4oz - DIN 300 470g / 16.6oz
Air Flow at 200 bar: >5500 l/min - 195 SCFM
Intermediate pressure: 9-9.8 bar / 130-142 psi

C200 Second Stage

OFD - Optimal Flow Design
This latest mechanical system provides unrivaled performance among unbalanced second stages, a worry-free intermediate solution offering high-end performance for avid recreational divers. The Optimal Flow Design (OFD) concept allows an innovative valve design where airflow is not affected by the spring responsible for the inhalation resistance. By removing the spring from the path of the air exiting the valve the flow is much smoother and the performancces are higher than a common downstream valve design.

Co-Axial VIVA Control

Allows the diver to adjust the inhalation assistance and prevents free flows when the second stage is used as an octopus.

Co-axial Inhalation Effort Control

Conveniently located, it allows the diver to adjust the inhalation effort at any time.

High-Flow Exhaust Valve

Offers an extremely low exhalation effort and contributes to lowering the overhall work of breathing.

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