Hollis DC1 212 Maxflex Regulator 240.3154.07.M 033141

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Mfg Part #: 240.3154.07.M
  • Brand new & completely redesigned with MaxFlex Hose 
  • Not like most other sites that sell the old discontinued model with a standard regulator hose
  • MaxFlex hose - lightweight, flexible, double braided hose designed to
    outperform and outlive traditional rubber hoses
  • Over-balanced first stage achieves superior performance by increasing your air flow the deeper you go
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage 
  • Environmentally sealed first stage provides greater reliability, less maintenance and higher performance  
  • "Diver Adjustable" Air flow
  • Nitrox Compatible to 40% (The Recreational Limits of Nitrox)
  • Lightweight 2nd stage to prevent jaw fatigue and add to overall comfort
  • Easy grip controls even while wearing gloves
  • "Diver Adjustable" venturi to prevent unwanted free-flow

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"Score: 20 out of a possible 20" -Scuba Lab

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Rating: excellent regulator
Reviewer: David Herzog  -  View all my reviews
this is by far the best regulator ive ever used. it is completely even though all depths and super-easy to adjust (although theres usually no need to make any adjustments it works great on all settings). just dont forget to flip the travel swich before use! i feel safer using this. anything by hollis is tops.

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Rating: regulator
Reviewer: Michael Brotsis  -  View all my reviews
good service

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Questions and Answers for Hollis DC1 212 Maxflex Regulator:

  • Hayley:

    How much does it weight?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Estimated 4lbs, you might want to contact the manufacturer for specifics.http://www.hollisgear.com/contact.asp

  • james:

    how long is the hose ?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):


212 / DC1
5th Port
Just in - 'Testers Choice' by Sport Diver UK. Now have unlimited versatility in our top of the line regulator and a 5 out of 5 winner according to Scubalab. We have just added a 5th low pressure that points directly down from the first stage providing easier hose routing for backmounted doubles, sidemount or even for recreational divers.

Overview Features Conversion Kit SMS Sidemount Kit
212 Second Stage
Pneumatically balanced second stage
Patented Dynamic Adjustment once set automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive by compensating for depth changes.
DC1 1st Stage
High performance over-balanced first stage provides progressively greater intermediate pressure as depth and gas density increases for superior gas delivery under the most extreme conditions
Swivel turret allows for ideal low pressure hose routing
Environmental sealing prevents internal corrosion, contaminants, and icing of the first stage
Designed to withstand the rigorous CE standard for coldwater performance

Patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece for comfort and reduced jaw fatigue
Easy grip controls for precise adjustment even while wearing gloves
Venturi Switch for simple Dive/Pre-Dive modes
Nitrox compatible to 40%
2 high pressure ports
5 low pressure ports
Yoke or DIN/300 bar

DC1 first stages manufactured before August 1, 2010, a 5th port receiver kit is available. Part number 240.9212 - MSRP $36

DC1/212 system is part of our SMS sidemount regulator kit
Kit includes: 1st/2nd stages, Brass SPG's, all required hoses, clips and bungee necklace
Ask your local Hollis dealer for pricing and availability

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