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Zeagle Pony Bottle System

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Zeagle Pony Bottle System Customer reviews see below

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Rating: zeagle bailout bottle
Reviewer: Jim Chai
Great bailout system to carry along for all my dives. Nice to know that if ever my primary air system fails..I have a totally independent system to get me to the surface. I know that there are many discussions in the internet for or against a bailout system. As the name implies, its the system of last resort. I mount it just under the bladder of my stilleto. Very easy and convenient. Great design by zeagle.

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Rating: Zeagle pony bottel system
Reviewer: Lloyd Anderson  -  View all my reviews
I have only used it once since I got it last month, but it seems to work very well. I have it mounted on a zeagle escape as pictured in the adds. I realy didnt notice it at all. I used two lbs. less weight than normal to compensate The regulator breaths about as easy as my Sherwood oasis.

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Rating: Nice set up
Reviewer: Brian McHugh
Works well, reg breaths very well, probably better than my primary Aqua Lung regulator. I wish the bottle holder could attach a bit more firmly, it tends to bounce around prior to getting in the water. Once in the water it is fine.

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Rating: Excellent quality product. Needs to come with gauge.
Reviewer: Judah Neill
Excellent quality all around. Really should come with pressure gauge though. Really nice other than that.

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