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Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack

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Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack Customer reviews see below

Every Spare Air we sell comes complete with:

  • Free Yoke Refill Adapter included!
  • Free Safety Leash (Prevents Accidental Loss) included!
  • Free Deluxe Holster included!
  • The answer for out-of-air emergencies
  • Added comfort when using rental equipment
  • Easier than an octopus
  • Light weight and compact, only 2 lbs
  • Great for traveling - click here for travel guidelines
  • Pass your Spare Air to your buddy
  • Simply put the Spare Air in your mouth and breathe
  • 1.7 CF - 30 Breaths at the surface
  • 3.0 CF - 57 Breaths at the surface

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Nitrox 3.0 CF - Nitrox ready up to 40% EAN ADD $18.00

Mini Pressure Gauge For Spare Air $49.95

Spare Air Travel Pack $15.96

Divers Tool Master $19.95


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Average Customer Review: based on 85 reviews.

Rating: 绝对值得拥有!! (definitely worth having! !)
Reviewer: XIAOGANG Y.  -  View all my reviews

translation of review: for the year can only go diving once or twice, not exceeding a total potential, do not own the equipment had rented with the people, the alternate air source is definitely worth having. pacifying effect on the psychological absolutely first class, at least let me more of a heavy security.

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19 out of 42 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Good one "Spare ing" a few points
Reviewer: Radhakrishna J.  -  View all my reviews
Good .... Concept, size, price & color OK .... mounting provisions are a it flimsy. I tried the right shoulder mount but that seems to intefear with my right dump valve & also my reg hose. Will try the back- upside down on tank the next time. Bad ..... the fiilling adaptor platics seem very flimsy & it leaked a lot when filling from my tank .... please keep spare O rings - you will need it. Overall a good value .... gave me aprox 30 breaths at 10 mts.

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43 out of 76 people found this review helpful.

Rating: spare air 1.7cu
Reviewer: KHAIRUL FAHMY PAIMIN  -  View all my reviews
Tested at 20m deep and it performed well. Manage to get 16 breath, enough to get to a buddy or surface. This item is psychological - you will feel better knowing its there. once mounted at the bcd, You need to put some Weight on the other side to trim yourself.

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37 out of 70 people found this review helpful.

Rating: How much does your life cost?
Reviewer: Sergey S.
When i bought Spare Air i was thinking only about safer diving - its true, not only safe but also easy and confident. But moreover if you (like me) live on a high appartment building - its your second chance in case of a fire rescue, especially of you feel a superhero inside, you can try to save not only your life, but the life of your neighbor. So recently i bought two more for my relatives at the 25th floor, just in case, that also made them to try diving (yeeha!).

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25 out of 47 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Spare Air Pack 3.0
Reviewer: mateusz kwiatkowski
If You value Your life that is a must have. Small enough to make it presence almost unnoticeable but big enough to give you 50 solid breaths. Comes with everything that is needed to use it and refill it. And what i like the most is that you fill it straight from your main tank, and the whole assembly, disassembly and filling take less than a minute (im using high pressure tank).

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42 out of 80 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Peace of Mind
Reviewer: CINTIA C.
I usually take diving trip vacations by myself or with my son, who doesnt dive yet, and therefore I usually dont have a buddy to dive with, but just dive with the group. I am also an underwater photographer and am often behind the whole group. I just returned from a trip to Roatan in March where I took my Spare Air and it gave me an incredible peace of mind knowing that I had a plan B right there and did not have to rely on strangers that were probably going to be quite far away if something went wrong with my air supply. That peace of mind made my dives a lot more enjoyable. Not to mention how easy it is to handle the Spair Air and to pack and transport it as well. I highly recommend it. :-)

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77 out of 138 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack Review - $259.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: David N.
Easy to fill and deploy. Comfortable to breathe from at depth. Nice to know its there in case everything goes south.

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Rating: Nx Spare Air
Reviewer: Mike Blumenthal
great product...extremely well designed and very easy to use. worth every bit of the steep price tag in peace of mind. heavier straps and buckles on the holster would be a big improvement or add two ss/brass d-rings.

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87 out of 180 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Safety and Spare Air
Reviewer: William Nuesse
Spare Air works just as it is advertised. It is a completely independent tank and regulator capable of supplying enough air to get to the surface without making a free ascent. But, of courese practice free ascents and use spare air. I bought the larger tank #.0 cubic feet. It attaches to your BC or other straps, It is small enough to be out of the way. The usefulness would come in when a firsy stage malfunction occurrs or when you are totally out of air. If the first stage malfunctions it will affect your octopus and your primary regulator. The bottle can be rapidly detached in the event you needed to ditch your gear.If you are cave diving youd want a larger system maybe even doubles each rigged separately. This is great for dives to about 120 feet with no required decompression stops. It breaths easy at 60 feet and is a little restricted at 100 feet. I think the price is reasonable, the tank is aluminum and the regulator and refill aperture are fixed to the tank valve. There are no hoses.

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141 out of 264 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Peace of mind.
Reviewer: GIORGOS PLEVRAKIS  -  View all my reviews
Excellent product for additional security. I travel a lot and do not use my own equipment. Spare Air is a product I can count on especially when my safety depends on rental equipment.

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17 out of 30 people found this review helpful.

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