XS Scuba Airwave Octo RG320 035252

Mfg Part #: RG320
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'Scuba Lab Testers Choice and Best Buy!'
  • Nitrox Compatible to 40% (The Recreational Limits of Nitrox)
  • "Diver Adjustable" venturi to prevent unwanted free-flow
  • Bright "hi viz" yellow accents for easy identification
  • Rugged, reliable and affordable
  • Exceptional breathing performance
  • Compact, light weight design
  • Orthodontic mouthpiece
  • Comes with a 36" hose

Customer Reviews for XS Scuba Airwave Octo:

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Rating: Great Balanced Octo - Cant beat the price
Reviewer: Jose N.  -  View all my reviews
I needed a pneumatically balanced Octo for an overbalanced primary and found this. I have put a number of dives on this and have tested the octo in the water. It breathes as well as any high end second stage reulator Ive used in the past.

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87 out of 167 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Airwave Octo
Reviewer: Paul V.  -  View all my reviews
Scuba magazine got this one right, great octo for the money. Im completely happy with the purchase.

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610 out of 1219 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Good when it counts
Reviewer: Douglas Sourbeer
I havent had to use the Airwave but used it to see what it was like and have no complaints. The mouthpiece fits, breathing was easy and if necessary the Airwave is adjustable. A very good product.

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499 out of 1043 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Works Good
Reviewer: dave wall  -  View all my reviews
Works good, lasts long time, dont cost much.

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Rating: XS Scuba Airwave Octo
Reviewer: thomas h.  -  View all my reviews
Bought this octopus to go with a dacor regulator and its performance is great cant wait to go diving again.

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647 out of 1280 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Good octopus
Reviewer: David Martin  -  View all my reviews
Paired this with a XS SCUBA SEAAIR TRI-METAL REGULATOR and they make a great combo. I was suprised how easy breathing this octo is. Highly recommended.

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613 out of 1273 people found this review helpful.

Rating: excellent octo
Reviewer: Sylvia Thibaut  -  View all my reviews
Lightweight and breathes well

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651 out of 1283 people found this review helpful.

Questions and Answers for XS Scuba Airwave Octo:

  • Andrew:

    Does this ship with a miflex hose? If not, would it be possible to special order this with a yellow miflex hose instead of the standard hose?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    It does not. And that is not a feature we currently have available to us. You'd have to purchase each separate.

  • David:

    Is this octo compatible with Alpha 8 Sport Scuba Regulator? If I order the Alpha 8 Sport Scuba Regulator with the recommended add on octo will it come assembled and installed?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    This octo will work perfectly with the Alpha 8 regulator. All equipment requiring assembly is done so by one or our certified instructors prior to shipping.

  • Jamie:

    What length hose does this come with? Is the hose yellow or black?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Jamie, the length of the hose is 24"

  • Jonathan:

    When answering Jamies question, Darrick (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com) said that the Octo came with a 24" hose. In the description it says that it comes with a 36" hose. Which is it?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Jonathan, this is a 36" hose. Thank you for catching that and I will contact Jamie and let her know of the mistake.

RG320 - AirWave Octo

Adjustable To Prevent Freeflows

The AirWave is designed with the philosophy that the best way to assist an out-of-air diver is to give them your octopus. Therefore, the hose orientation is designed to be on the diver's right side so the AirWave can be given to an out-of-air diver without the need for 'S' turns. This unique mouthpiece orientation is the reverse of many octopuses but truly is the best design. The adjustment feature allows the diver to change the direction of the air flow to prevent any annoying free flow.

Pneumatically balanced for performance
Unique, free flow preventing adjustment
Reliable, safe design
Sleek and compact
Hi-Viz neon yellow cover
36' hose

It is important to provide the proper preventative maintenance in order to ensure the maximum performance and life of your regulator. The following procedures should be performed routinely after each use to ensure that the regulator is cleaned, inspected and prepared for the next use or for storage.
1. When the regulator is removed from the SCUBA cylinder valve, it is important that the dust cap or protector cap is installed over the first stage regulator inlet fitting or threaded DIN connector. This is critical to prevent the entrance of moisture into the first-stage. This cap or protector is normally attached to the first stage regulator and may therefore be wet. Wipe or blow the cap or protector completely dry before securing it over the inlet fitting or threaded DIN connector.
2. As soon as possible after diving, the regulator should be rinsed thoroughly with clean fresh water while attached to a cylinder and pressurized with air.
3. Rinsing alone will not sufficiently clean the regulator properly. To clean the regulator as thoroughly as possible, it should be soaked in warm (not over 120º F) tap water.
a. The preferred method is to attach the regulator to a charged SCUBA cylinder, open the cylinder valve to pressurize the regulator, and thoroughly soak both the first and second stages. Pressurizing the regulator will effectively prevent moisture or contamination from entering the regulator while it is soaking. While the regulator is soaking, depress the second stage purge button several times to agitate the water inside the second stage. This will help loosen any mineral deposits that may have adhered to internal components. You should also turn the adjustment knob (SeaAir only) several times to loosen any mineral deposits that may have settled around the shaft. Agitate the entire second stage regulator while submerged to allow the warm water to flow in and out of the housing, this will further loosen any mineral deposits and help flush them out. Also agitate the first stage regulator to ensure water has entered the ambientwater ports. If the regulator is equipped with an alternate air source, gauge console, and inflator hose, soak these and agitate as needed.
b. If soaking the regulator while pressurized is not feasible, it may be soaked unpressurized. Be sure the dust cap or DIN protector cap is secure over the first stage inlet or threaded connector. DO NOT depress the purge button or turn the adjustment knob or lever while regulator is submerged.
NOTE: When soaking or rinsing the SeaAir regulator unpressurized, check to ensure that the second-stage adjustment knob is turned completely 'in' (clockwise) to prevent moisture from entering the valve and LP hose.
CAUTION: DO NOT depress the purge button, loosen the first stage yoke screw, or turn the second stage adjustment knob all the way 'out' (SeaAir model) if the regulator is submerged unpressurized. Doing so will allow water to enter, and will require that the regulator be returned to an Authorized XS Scuba Dealer for service.
4. If regulator has been soaking in water, remove the regulator and cylinder from the water bath and wipe the regulator as dry as possible. Next, depressurize the regulator by turning the cylinder valve hand wheel off (clockwise). While looking at the submersible pressure gauge face, depress the purge button, continue to depress the purge button until the gauge reads zero and air flow can no longer be heard. Remove the regulator from the cylinder valve.
5. If the regulator is to be stored for a long period, it is good practice to wipe the hoses and rubber gauge boot with a light film of non-aerosol silicone grease, using a soft cloth.
6. The SeaAir regulator should be stored with the knob or lever turned all the way out. This will help extend the life of the low pressure seat.
7. When the regulator is completely dry, store it in a clean equipment box or sealed in a plastic bag. DO NOT store it where it may be exposed to excessive heat or near an electrical motor, which produces ozone. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat, ozone, chlorine, and ultraviolet rays can cause premature degradation of rubber parts and components.
8. Never store the regulator while it is still attached to a cylinder.
9. DO not use any type of solvent or petroleum based substances to clean or lubricate any part of the regulator. DO not expose any part of the regulator to aerosol sprays as some aerosol propellants attack or degrade rubber and plastic materials.
DO NOT attempt to perform any disassembly or service of your regulator. Doing so may cause the regulator to malfunction, and will render the XS Scuba warranty null and void. All service must be performed by an Authorized XS Scuba Dealer.



XS Scuba Airwave Octo

Safe Second Stages aren’t new. The idea sprang up out of necessity decades ago, and even though it took a while for the “old guard” of divers to get behind using them, they are with us to stay. For many years, the Octo, as it’s commonly known, was nothing more than an additional version of the same second stage that the diver was using as their primary regulator. It’s biggest problem and the first complaint you’d hear was the fact that it was prone to annoying free flows on entry into the water. Nothing worse than your safety item wasting your air before you even get to begin your dive!

The solution to this was pretty easy. Simply have a technician de-tune the 2nd stage and back the orifice off just a bit so that the octo was slightly less sensitive to water pushing against the diaphragm and pushing on the lever. The downside to this were a few things. First the octo would breathe terrible when used. The premise of thought being the person who needed it would be grateful for ANY air in a situation where they were 100 feet underwater and suddenly found to be without it. The second being that we still had a large, clunky feeling 2nd stage bouncing around our right hip. Lastly one of the biggest issues with the octo was ease of use. The way they are designed makes it very unnatural to use in an emergency situation. Again, the user is far from unhappy with the comfort level of the air source they suddenly have but because the case is basically the same case used for the primary second stages as a cost cutting move by the manufacturers it puts the hose at an unnatural angle for the user.

The XS Scuba Airwave octo addresses all these concerns very well. It was designed from the ground up as a safe second. Although designed and engineered by people with a long history of building some of the most successful regulators in scuba, it is not a product that has evolved from any other item. The first thing you notice is how small and compact it is. Designed in a small, flat case the octo lays nicely against the diver. While still being on the right hip, where we all look for a traditional octo, it is not a large heavy object bouncing around under our arm. The faceplate is brightly colored yellow for very easy recognition when needed and best of all the problem of uncomfortable direction of the hose is solved by the octo being flat. There is no exhaust “T” to get in the way or knock the diver’s mask out of place. The unit can easily be used upside down or right side up with no adverse effect on its performance.

Surprisingly it breathes very similar to a middle-performance sport diving primary second stage. I’ve used it a number of times, just out of curiosity, during my dive and have been more than impressed with the way it breathes. Very easy and effortless and not as “wet” as one would expect out of this type of a 2nd stage. It does not ever seem to be prone to free flows because of the way the cover and diaphragm are designed but to ensure this the designers took one extra step and added a venture adjustment switch to the unit! Turn it down and it’s a de-tuned 2nd stage that will stand prepared to offer years of silent and invisible back up, switch it on and you have a great breathing piece of gear!

In the long run, I’d stop short of calling this the proverbial “better mousetrap” but XS Scuba has really shown what a little thought and some attention to detail can do to greatly improve on a diver’s safety and convenience. The Airwave octo is easily one of the best choices in gear a diver can make.

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