Poseidon Cyklon Octo 2981 035158

Mfg Part #: 2981
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  • Cyclon Octopus has the exact same performance as the main second stage ensuring it can be used in the most extreme situations
  • The only only octo built to handle the high intermediate pressures at which this regulator delivers optimum performance and ease of breathing


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The Cyklon has been the first choice of many since 1958
Introduced in 1958, the Cyklon was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth, and set a new world standard for diving regulators.
Thanks to its well­tested construction and design, the Cyklon is still the first choice of the German Navy and many others.

Model: Plastic/Black, Metal

Material: Cyklon 5000 2nd stage in plastic. Cyklon Metal The same design as the Cyklon 5000, but with the 2nd stage in metal.

Technical features: Use either way up, Robust, durable, Approved for cold water diving, Reliable high performance

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